Sexy underwear video 2017 United States

Sexy underwear video 2017 United States

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has always been an integral part of sex culture, and is one of the must -have for love and sex for couples.With the development of the times, sexy underwear is not only a sexual product, but also a way for women to express and self -display.In the United States, the sexy underwear market has always attracted much attention and respected.In 2017, sexy underwear videos showed several major trends and characteristics. This article will introduce you to these contents.

2. Bold and innovation

In the 2017 sexy underwear video, you can see some new, Kawaii style, which combines different colors and materials. This bold innovation is more common and obvious than before.Imagine that a lace dress made of fluffy polyester fabrics made of transparent plastic, or a lace dress made of furry polyester fabrics. For women, these are new and creative fashion designs.

3. With more rainbow colors

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The color of Prevailing in sexy underwear videos is a rainbow color.Except for black and white, other colors are displayed.Dark purple, majestic red and dark pink have become popular color choices in the season.

4. Personalized customization

In recent years, as consumers’ demand for personalized experiences has become higher and higher, the clothing has begun to be widely used in the field of sexy underwear.Some brands can be tailor -made according to the requirements of customers.For example, customers can choose materials, colors, lace styles, etc.

5. More natural and healthy

In 2017, a theme of the design of sexy underwear is to emphasize nature and health.For example, new products launched by some brands use organic natural fibers, artificial silk and other materials, emphasizing the care of the skin, thereby improving the comfortable experience of users.

6. Emphasize the details and quality of design

Design details have always been an important part of sexy underwear. In 2017, sexy underwear videos fully demonstrated this.The brand begins to attach importance to every detail. From the shoulder straps to the buttons, from the cloth to the jewelry, they strive to be improving and perfect.At the same time, the brand has also strengthened the quality and accuracy of the classic style.

7. Promote tolerance and freedom

A interesting trend in sexy underwear videos is to respect tolerance and freedom, which is particularly prominent in some young brands.Some brands take sexual freedom as the focus of design, so that women can choose the style they need, like and comfortable underwear.


8. You can wear on the street

In 2017, the Video of Fun underwear showed that many brands are indeed wearing their underwear and clothes in a creative way.For example, a smart dress made of rich grid fabrics can be used as ordinary party clothing; some other brands try to create a new style, such as naval -style charming lace dresses.

9. Emerging erotic underwear brands

In 2017, many new brands are challengers in sexy underwear videos.These brands are novel and innovative, and are not restricted to traditional underwear manufacturing technology and design concepts.Even the mainstream brands including the early design genres have begun to re -consider design and move towards a more innovative and experimental direction.

10. Conclusion

Overall, the sexy underwear video in 2017 shows a more keen, more open and avant -garde world.Behind this change is a more diversified aesthetic and cultural trend, emphasizing the common rhythm between the brand and the customer.In the future, in this situation, the design and manufacturing of sexy underwear brands will be more eye -catching and colorful.