Sexy underwear wedding dress

Sexy underwear wedding dress

Sexy underwear wedding dress

1 Introduction

On the day of the wedding, the beauty and sexy of the bride are talked about.Wedding dress is the main element of the beauty of the bride, and the appropriate sexy underwear can emit the bride’s dazzling and charming charm from the inside out.However, what are the details that need to pay attention to when buying wedding sexy underwear?Below, we will explore from a few key points.

2. The importance of buying size

Choosing a size is the foundation and the only way to choose a sexy underwear.The size should be for the purpose of appropriate and comfort.Therefore, it is best to reserve the size of the abundance.

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3. Material selection

Wedding sexy underwear is generally lace or tulle.Lace texture can show women’s romance and sexy, while the tulle material can show natural softness and lightness.

4. style choice

There are many types of styles, with a variety of designs, forms and colors.As long as the bride likes and suits himself is the best.It is necessary to focus on the color and tailoring of matching wedding dresses.

5. Method of the bride’s underwear during pregnancy

If the bride needs to choose softer and comfortable fabrics during pregnancy to maximize the comfort of pregnant women.Pregnant women’s underwear will improve the chest and strengthen the effect of absorbing sweat.

6. Follow the bride’s shape details

When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the bride’s waist shape, design and details of clothes to adjust your figure.Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can easily modify the figure without destroying the wedding dress shape.

7. The matching of accessories


The combination of wedding erotic underwear and wedding decoration is the bride’s beautiful foundation.It can be paired with a pair of beautiful high heels, wedding gauze, crown and other decorations to create a gorgeous feeling and achieve a more perfect wedding.

8. Maintenance method of daily care

In order to keep your wedding underwear for long -term beauty and the comfort of wearing, you need to follow the correct cleaning method, use high -quality nursing detergents to prevent moisture, avoid drying after wearing


9. Summer bride’s underwear selection

In the hot summer, how to choose the right summer underwear can greatly improve the discomfort of sultry in summer.In summer, underwear selection of underwear should find air -breathable and sweat -absorbing fabrics, and the cutting of lace lace is more sexy.

10. Summary view

In short, the choice of wedding erotic underwear is very critical, and it must be considered the details of the appropriate size, materials and styles.The bride can choose the wedding sexy underwear that is best for you according to his own taste, body shape, season and desire to show his unique beauty and sexy.