Shanghai Tangyan sexy dress

Shanghai Tangyan sexy dress

Shanghai Tangyan sexy dress


Tang Yan is a very influential erotic lingerie brand in Shanghai. It was founded in 2009 and focused on research and development, design, and production of various high -quality sexy underwear.The brand concept is to make every woman feel self -confidence and charm, no matter where they are.At present, the brand has a number of physical stores and online channels, which is welcomed by consumers.

Style classification

Tang Yan’s sexy underwear is divided into multiple series, including European and American series, floral series, embroidery series, T -shirt series, body shaping series, etc.The European and American series include suspenders, straps, lace panties, hollow vests, sexy pantyhose, etc.The flower art series is based on flowers, suitable for romanticists.The embroidery series is inspired by traditional Chinese elements and integrates modern fashion design.

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Material Introduction

The material of Tang Yan’s sexy underwear is strictly selected for quality inspection standards to ensure high quality.Commonly used is lace, silk, gauze and other fabrics, which are not only soft and comfortable, but also have good breathability and excellent wear.In addition, there are environmentally friendly and non -toxic materials, which makes love to protect the body and play sexy charm.

Function and characteristics

Tang Yan’s erotic underwear has a variety of functions and characteristics. In addition to the beautiful appearance and generosity, there are also feminine charm design. It is often designed with thin material, which not only ensures natural breathing, but also makes the figure look more sloppy and increases.Sexy charm.Some styles also have different functions, such as dynamic recovery, no trace gathered, reducing back protective back, etc., perfectly reflecting the essence of Tang Yan’s sexy underwear.

size selection

Size selection is very important, not to mention sexy sexy underwear.The Tangyan brand has its own size standards. Consumers can choose the appropriate size according to their actual situation when purchasing.In order to meet the needs of different customers, the brand has also launched a large -size sex lingerie series, which can be perfectly worn whether it is fat or thin.


Most of the materials of Tang Yan’s sexy underwear are more delicate and easy to damage, so maintenance is very important.When washing, a mild detergent should be used. It is better to wash it in hand to avoid soaking for a long time, so as not to damage the flower type and fabric of the clothes.Do not expose it directly when drying, it is recommended to dry or dry naturally.


Robes & Gowns

Tang Yan’s sexy underwear not only focuses on product quality and style design, but also work hard on the brand image.Its logo is based on the theme of swallows. The design sense is strong, conveying the brand culture of women’s softness and confidence.In addition, brands will regularly launch various activities to increase customer interaction and expand brand influence.

Customer reviews

Tang Yan’s sexy underwear has been favored by female consumers. Some marketing data show that Tang Yan’s sexy underwear occupies a high market share in the same industry.There are also many evaluation articles on the Internet. Consumers have highly evaluated the quality and cost -effectiveness of Tang Yan’s sexy underwear.


Tang Yan’s sexy underwear provides consumers with a variety of convenient services, including online and offline sales channels, express delivery, return and exchange guarantee, after -sales service, etc., to ensure that all aspects can provide consumers with high -quality services.

in conclusion

Tang Yan’s sexy underwear is a professional sexy underwear brand. With the advantages of quality, design, and service, it has become a very popular brand.Whether it is styles, materials, functions and services, it meets the growing needs of consumers. The future development of the Tangyan brand is expected.