SM sex underwear how to play

SM sex underwear how to play

What is SM sexy underwear

SM sex underwear, as the name suggests, is a series of products that integrate SM elements into sexy underwear.Such underwear usually has sexy and exposed characteristics, and is also equipped with some sloppy props, such as fantasy handcuffs, sexy eye masks, sexy peach hips, etc.In addition, SM sex underwear can also be combined with other SM elements, such as SM whip, SM mouthball, SM limit restraint.

Precautions for the use of SM sex underwear

Although the use of SM sex underwear is very interesting and exciting, you need to pay attention to many security issues.First of all, pay attention to choose high -quality products, do not choose some products with too low prices and unreliable quality.Secondly, when using sexy underwear, you need to communicate with sexual partners in advance, and master time, skills, security essentials, etc.Finally, after use, you need to clean the sex underwear and keep hygiene.

SM sex underwear type

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There are many types of SM sexy underwear on the market, which mainly include the following:

SM sex hanging crotch pants: converting traditional underwear into suspenders, it is unable to stop

SM sexy lace jacket: gorgeous colors and rich zippers make you charming and versatile

SM sex leather restraint set: more SM elements than ordinary suits, more sexy

SM sex pajamas: sexy design plus SM appliances that make you lose your sexy ocean sea

SM sex underwear selection method

When choosing SM sex underwear, you need to consider many factors.The first is the material problem. Good materials can make you more comfortable, natural, and feel after wearing it.Followed by quality problems, good quality SM sex underwear can make you use with confidence to avoid some safety hazards.There are also some factors, such as size, color, price, etc.

SM sex underwear how to wear

SM sex underwear needs to be determined according to the type of sexy underwear.For example, SM sex hanging crotch pants need to pass the calf through the shoulder strap and wrinkle your thighs, and finally formed SM’s unique style of wearing style.

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SM sex lingerie and SM use combination

The combination of SM sex underwear and SM can make your sex experience even more wonderful.For example, while using SM sex underwear, use SM whip, SM mouthball, handcuffs and other items, so that you can let you completely release yourself in sexy underwear.

SM sex underwear maintenance method

The maintenance of SM sex underwear is very important.After use, you need to remove the sexy underwear for cleaning, disinfection, and drying, and wait for the next time.

SM sex underwear use occasion

The use of SM sex underwear also needs to be considered.For example, you can choose to use in your home, use in Wanping festivals, and in the sex song ballroom.

SM sex underwear style and popular trend

With the development of the times, the style and popular trend of SM sex underwear have continued to change.At present, the most popular SM sexy underwear style mainly includes retro, gentleness, and charming; and the most popular one is the charming retro style.

The future development of SM sex underwear

As a kind of innovative product in the fashion industry, SM sex underwear brings us endless sexual experience. It is increasingly sought after and loved by the public, and its future development is also very potential.


The above is the relevant knowledge and precautions of SM sex underwear. I believe that with these guidance, you will better understand the use and maintenance of SM sex underwear, so that you can experience the thrill of more exciting, wonderful, and endless restrictions in sex life!