Star transparent sexy underwear pictures Daquan

Star transparent sexy underwear pictures Daquan

Star transparent sexy underwear pictures Daquan

In recent years, transparent erotic underwear has become a kind of underwear style that has attracted much attention and love in the fashion trend, because its sexy and temptation can make women more confident, while showing the perfect figure, it also increases its own charm.Many celebrities also like this underwear. Here are some pictures of stars transparent sexy underwear, hoping to bring some inspiration to everyone.

1. Zhang Jingyi

Zhang Jingyi, an actress in Mainland China, is a female star who loves fashion. She is wearing black lace transparent sexy lingerie, outlines her perfect figure, created a sexy and tempting image, and complements the black fishtail skirt.

2. Kate Apton

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As a Hollywood star, Kate Apton has a unique personal charm and a good aesthetic vision.

She was wearing a sexy transparent sexy underwear to be interviewed. The red bra and black transparent suspenders were very eye -catching, showing her perfect figure and sexy charm.

3. Zheng Xiujing

As a Korean star, Zheng Xiujing’s beauty and figure naturally need not be said.This time she was wearing a transparent sexy underwear out, showing her graceful figure and perfect figure.

4. Zhao Liying

As a popular actress in mainland China, Zhao Liying’s sweet temperament and acting skills are loved by the audience.She wore a transparent erotic lingerie in blue lace, showing her gentle and pleasant side, and at the same time added a bit of sexy and tempting.

5. Hillary Daph

Hillary Daff is a very influential American woman who has made outstanding contributions in the Women’s rights and international affairs in the White House.She dressed in black transparent sexy underwear at the party is enough to prove that transparent sexy underwear is not only suitable for fashion women, but also suitable for successful women.

6. Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie became a dream lover of many men with her unique charm and acting skills after her unique charm and acting skills.She wore red transparent sexy underwear in the film "Crypture Storm", adding a bit of sexy and mysterious sense, and also showing her fashionable taste.

7. Park Shin Hye

Park Shin -hye is a Korean female star, which is loved by fans for its fresh image and unique temperament.This time, she was wearing black lace transparent sexy lingerie, perfectly reflecting her fashionable taste and sexy charm.

8. Emma Watson

British actress Emma Watson appeared in a transparent sexy lingerie in the movie "Dark Knight", showing her beautiful figure and sexy charm, and also showing her keen sense of fashion.

9. Chen Yanxi

Chen Yanxi, the name in the minds of the public represents both beautiful, gentle, and a bit of shame.She also has a keen sense of fashion on transparent erotic underwear, wearing black lace, showing her beautiful figure and charming charm.

10. Lily Collins

Lily Collins is a new -generation actress in Hollywood, and her popularity has suddenly risen.She was wearing a bright white transparent sexy underwear at a awards ceremony, showing her noble and elegant side, reminiscent of the fashion queen Victoria Beckham.


Transparent sexy underwear is loved by fashion stars because of its sexy and temptation.The wearing of these stars shows the aesthetic and fashionable sense of transparent erotic underwear. For fashionable pursuits, these pictures will be very inspiring.