Star’s sexy underwear

Star's sexy underwear

Star’s sexy underwear

Stars always lead the trend. Not only do they wear clothes, but even sexy underwear is unique. Everyone has their own unique style and choice.Below, let’s take a look at the stars’ sexy underwear.

1. The classic of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is the spokesperson of sexy underwear. Her masterpiece is white lace sexy underwear. Through this underwear, she shows the world’s sexy and beautiful beauty to the world.Today, this underwear has become a classic.

2. Lili Collins’s little fresh

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Lily Collins’ sexy underwear style is very small and fresh. She prefers the design of children with childish flowers and bow. This design style looks particularly charming on her body.Her choices make more women like this elegant underwear.

3. Zhao Wei’s sexy curve

Zhao Wei’s sexy underwear style is different. She chose a more sexy design, such as a three -point three -point formula with a narrow chest.This design highlights women’s curves and sexy, and is very suitable for women with good figures.

4. Yao Ming’s romantic style

The Yao Ming couple always feels very emotional, as is their underwear.At the same time, they like some cute patterns and decorations on the sexy underwear, such as the bear and the little rabbit.This design makes the underwear look more romantic and fun.

5. Liang Yongqi’s literary style

Liang Yongqi has always been known as the goddess of literature and art, as is her sexy underwear.She likes that simple and generous design, and the selected materials are also special, such as the material based on silk.This design is not only sexy, but also a feeling of elegance and chic.

6. Cecilia Cheung’s attraction

Cecilia Cheung’s sexy underwear style is very individual, and its color is bright and eye -catching. He often chooses some personalities, such as metal, plastic.This style is very suitable for some women who prefer publicity.


7. Zhu Yin’s retro style

Zhu Yin’s fun underwear style is relatively close to retro style. She likes to choose some styles that have been precipitated in the years, such as lace and high -neck design.This style is suitable for some women who want to show elegant temperament.

8. Jin Xishan’s sweet atmosphere

Jin Xishan’s fun underwear style is more cute. She likes to choose some girls with full taste, such as strawberry decoration, angel wings, and so on.This style is suitable for some girls who like "loli wind".

9. Park Shin -hye’s Pure School

Park Shin -hye’s sexy underwear style is more fresh. She prefers some simple and natural designs.This style is very suitable for girls who like to take fresh routes.

10. Ma Yizhen’s noble and gorgeous

Ma Yizhen’s sexy underwear is more gorgeous. She prefers elegant and elegant design, and often uses high -quality fabrics.This style is refreshing and delicious, which is very suitable for women full of intellectual and temperament.

Summary: Different stars have different sexy underwear styles, and different styles are suitable for different women. Choosing a style that suits them can better reflect their sexy and beauty.