Stockings high -heeled sexy underwear grass grass

Stockings high -heeled sexy underwear grass grass

Stockings high -heeled sexy underwear match

1. Classification of stockings

There are many types of stockings. Common ones are ultra -fine gauze stockings, ordinary gauze stockings, net socks, net eye socks, lace socks, etc.Different types of stockings have different texture and breathability. You need to choose the type that suits you according to your own needs.

2. Choice of high heels

Pay attention to the height and style with high heels with stockings.Under normal circumstances, it is more appropriate to control the height below 8cm.In terms of style, you can choose sexy pointed shoes or sexy fish mouth shoes to avoid choosing too fancy shoes.

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3. Sending underwear matching

Falling underwear is a representative of sexy, and the combination of stockings high -heeled shoes also needs to follow the principles of simplicity and sexy.If stockings and high heels are eye -catching, then underwear can choose simple black or white.

4. Selection of color

In the color matching of choosing stockings, high heels and sexy underwear, pay attention to the clear primary and secondary.If stockings and high heels are bright or colorful, then underwear can choose black or white.If stockings and high heels are black, the underwear can choose big red or purple colors.

5. Add the belt

The addition of the belt can bring a richer sense of layering, and it can also hide the defects of the waist.When matching, the color of the belt can be the same or similar to the color of the stockings, so that the entire match can be more coordinated.

6. Use of accessories

The right jewelry can add another exquisite to the matching of stockings high -heeled sexy underwear.For example, you can selectively sexy necklaces, bracelets or earrings, but be careful not to choose too fancy jewelry.

7. Show of beautiful legs

Thigh High

The wear of stockings can make the legs more slender. If you want a better effect, you can choose meat -colored or black ultra -fine gauze stockings to make the leg lines smoother.In addition, do not forget to make your feet your feet nails before wearing socks.

8. Pay attention to the shape of the figure

The matching of stockings high -heeled sexy underwear must not only pay attention to matching, but also need to pay attention to the shape of the figure. Plum women can choose stressful socks to shape their legs. Thin women can choose stockings and other styles to increase the texture of the legs.

9. Scene choices

The occasion with high -heeled lingerie with stockings is generally in private places or special occasions, and you need to grasp the degree.Under different circumstances, the matching will be different. You need to choose the right match according to the actual situation.

10. Brand choice

The quality and style of high -heeled underwear of different brands of stockings are different. You need to choose a brand that suits you with your own actual situation.At the same time, pay attention to the purchase of genuine products to avoid choosing counterfeit and shoddy products.


The matching of high -heeled underwear in stockings needs to focus on overall coordination and shape of figure, and also need to choose suitable occasions and brands according to the actual situation.When choosing, pay attention to the principles of minimalism to avoid fancy and vulgar.