Stranging socks open crotch sex underwear, crotch crotch

Stranging socks open crotch sex underwear, crotch crotch

What is a suspender socks open crotch and sexy underwear

Study socks, open crotch, sexy underwear is a special style of sexy underwear. It gathers the elements of suspenders, socks and open crotch.As the name suggests, there are parts of suspenders and socks in this erotic underwear design, while the lower crotch design is used to facilitate the use of sex.

Stranger socks open crotch and sexy underwear material

The material of the hanging socks of the crotch of the crotch usually uses soft and smooth silk, lace, fish nets or other materials to increase the sexy and attractiveness of the wearer.At the same time, in order to better comfort, many styles have also added elastic fiber materials.

Who are suitable

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Study socks open crotch and love underwear are suitable for everyone who needs sexy and stimuli.For those who are fascinated by power, this sexy underwear is an ideal choice.For those who want to increase lightness in sex, you can realize this through suspender socks.

How to choose the right size

The size of the crotch of the camisole socks is the same as the average underwear size.Under normal circumstances, users can choose the appropriate size of sexy underwear based on their height, weight, bust and other dimensions.

The color and style of the crotch of the camisole and the crotch underwear

The color and style of the crotch of the camisole socks are rich and diverse, including the basic black, red, white, and more exaggerated gold and silver colors.In addition, you can also choose different styles of lace, mesh design, and different details.

How to wear suspenders socks to open crotch and sexy underwear

Wearing suspenders socks to open crotch and sexy underwear requires some skills.First, put the suspender on the shoulder and adjust it to the appropriate position, and then put the socks on the feet.Then, wear the remaining underwear parts and adjust the opening of the open crotch to the normal position, and then the next step can be made.

Stranging socks open crotch for sexy underwear auxiliary makeup

In order to better echo the sexy and irritating of the crotch underwear in the crotch, users can consider making some auxiliary makeup.For example, properly painted red or lip gloss, eye shadow, foundation and other makeup can make the wearer more charming.

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How to clean the camisole socks and open crotch sexy underwear

In order to protect the crotch of the camisole socks, the sexy underwear is not damaged, we need to clean them carefully.The best way is to soak them in warm water and wash them with a gentle laundry solution to avoid cleaning the washing machine.After cleaning, make sure they are completely dry, it is best not to use a dryer.

The purchase channel for the purchase of the crotch of the camplate socks

There are a lot of purchase channels for hammer socks to open crotch lingerie, from offline sex products stores to online sex products stores.Interesting underwear online is usually more favorable than physical stores, and the purchase process is more convenient and fast.

The price of a suspender socks open the crotch of sexy underwear

Different types, materials and styles of suspenders and socks are different. In general, the price ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan.

in conclusion

Stranger socks open crotch sexy underwear is a creative and bold sexy underwear design, which can add more sexy and irritating to users.Regardless of whether you want to break the conventional erotic life, or to explore deeper sexual sex, the camplate socks and the crotch lingerie are worth trying.