Stretching the chest without a cup of sexy underwear

Stretching the chest without a cup of sexy underwear

What is a chest no cover cup of sexy underwear

The chest -holding cup of sexy underwear is a sexy and challenging underwear type. It abandons the cup design of traditional underwear and uses only some red elements (such as lace, mesh, silk belt, etc.)Buning and gathering are conducive to showing sexy and desire chest curves.

Popular chest holding the chest without a cup of sexy lingerie styles

1. Delosal type: revealing the entire chest or part of the areola, full of sexy.

2. Garma see -through type: uses mesh material, the perspective effect is excellent.

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3. Lace lace type: use lace, lace and other elements to create a romantic atmosphere.

Who are suitable for those people wearing chests and no cups of sexy underwear

A cupless cup of fun underwear is suitable for young women who are confident, sexy, and dare to try new things.But it should be noted that this underwear is quite exposed. If you are not confident or unfamiliar with wearing skills, it may look awkward.

How to correctly wear a chest without a cup of sexy underwear

1. Select the right size: When buying underwear, you must tailor it to ensure the comfort and safety factor of the underwear.

2. Pay attention to the matching of the coat: The effect of the chest without a cup of sexy underwear can be appeared when wearing a jacket or jacket. It is a good choice to wear a thin silk shirt, shawl or short small top.

3. Selection of accessories: sexy jewelry can better improve temperament and self -confidence, such as high heels, long earrings, bracelets, and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages of the chest without a cup of sexy underwear

1. Advantages: The chestless cup of the chest is a cupless design, which can more fit the chest shape and create a more sexy curve.At the same time, it also has a certain effect of adjusting the chest and shoulder lines, increasing the height of the chest, and adjusting the chest shape.

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2. Disadvantages: A cup of sexy underwear with a cup of the chest may cause the nipples to be too obvious or not suitable for breasts of different sizes, which affects the wearing effect.At the same time, because the design is quite challenging, even if it looks easy, the people they wear need a certain technical content.

The maintenance method of the chest with no cup of sexy underwear

1. Hand washing and maintenance: The materials such as lace, transparent mesh are easy to wear. It is best to dry it after washing to prevent the loose band and the fabric loose dysfunction.

2. Avoid vibration: The surface part of the shoulder strap or the mesh part of the breast is easily friction. It is recommended to reduce strenuous exercise during wearing.

3. Pay attention to the season: It is more suitable for summer wear, especially in hot and humid weather. Putting it can also avoid sweat from hiding in the chest and keep your body refreshing.

Purchase channel for the purchase of the chest without a cup of sexy underwear

From domestic e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao,, to foreign countries such as Amazon and Zalando, the current sales channels for supporting their chests without cups are increasingly diverse, but it should be noted that when buyingBrand, style, material, and pay attention to size and after -sales service.

How to match the chest with the chest without a cup of sexy underwear, look better

1. With a lace -view skirt or short skirt, the desire is full.

2. In terms of putting, it is recommended to choose high -waisted shorts or skirts to better display the chest curve.

3. In terms of accessories, you can choose gorgeous earrings, bracelets and other accessories to increase the overall romantic temperament.

The deep meaning of the chest without a cup of sexy underwear

There is no cup of sexy underwear on the chest. The chest does not make the chest more beautiful, but they provide an emotional presentation method. This method can enhance self -esteem and self -confidence in the process of trying.

in conclusion

A cup of sexy underwear is a sexy, challenging and attractive underwear type. It requires wearers to have certain confidence, courage and skills to fully show its sexy and beauty.But in the process of wearing this underwear, it is even more necessary to show the attitude of women’s confidence and self -esteem.