Take me to buy sexy underwear

Step 1: Understand the classification of love lingerie

Interest underwear can be roughly divided into two types: the main sexy and main features.The main sexy one is that the design is particularly embarrassing and eye -catching. It is generally used in the creation of the interest atmosphere, such as stockings, lace panties and transparent pajamas, while the main features pay more attention to practicality, such as oblique shoulder underwear, ship -shaped underwear.

Step 2: Choose a size that suits you

Choose sexy underwear’s primary problem is the size.Good erotic underwear brands have size -related data tables for options.Note: There is a certain difference in sexy underwear with different sizes. You can recommend the number recommendation based on personal brand experience or receiving your own underwear.

Step 3: Select the material and color of sexy underwear according to the occasion

Select the style of sexy underwear for the occasion, color and material are necessary factor.The sexy underwear of silk and lace materials is created in the warm and erotic atmosphere of the bedroom, and polyester fiber or other smooth materials are more suitable for daily use.In color, dark colors of sexy underwear can stimulate the creation of a sexy atmosphere to a certain extent, and the light color system is more warm and romantic.

Step 4: Choose the right style

Generally speaking, there are many sexy underwear styles, such as sexy pajamas, sex panties, sex bra, and socks.According to the occasion, choose the style that best reflects your style. For example, you must choose sexy pajamas on the bed. You can choose more restrained stockings, underwear and so on.

Step 5: Choose suitable bras

The main point of sexy underwear is often the bra. In fact, choosing the bras is one of the most basic elements in sexy underwear.In addition to the standard sizes such as conventional cups, busts, and shoulder straps, sex bras are particularly particular about color, materials, etc.A suitable erotic essay can bring pleasure and small adjustment, and even make the figure more perfect.

Step 6: Choose suitable underwear

When buying sexy underwear, most people often ignore the choice of underwear, but in fact, different styles and materials have a great impact on health and fashion.The stiff material may cause harm to the private parts of women, while natural fabrics will not.At the same time, the type of underwear should be adjusted according to its own situation.For example, the particularly loose and tight underwear will cause great trouble.

Step 7: Understanding the maintenance method of love underwear

Interest underwear is a private sexy item, and its maintenance method is very different from conventional clothes.Under normal circumstances, relatively low -temperature hand washing is the best way, do not use hot water and squeeze mechanical squeeze.In addition, erotic underwear does not guarantee that it is often worn like conventional clothes, but use it as needed.Maintaining the tidy clothes is also a point of attention to the maintenance of underwear.

Step 8: Choose the right brand

Brands can better guarantee the experience and quality of beacon.Zhao Quanuo’s underwear hall is a very good sexy underwear brand. Its specialty, full of variety, and affordable all kinds of sexy underwear are loved by people.

Step 9: What should I pay attention to when buying sexy underwear?

When buying sexy underwear, you can choose to go to professional underwear stores with well -known brands, which are relatively secure and guaranteed.In addition, you must also understand your own figure and wearing habits. After you have a general planning plan, you decide what kind of sexy underwear to buy is more suitable for you.Finally, following your own heart, choosing the most suitable sexy underwear is the most important.


Choose a sexy underwear, first of all, you must choose the premise that suits you, and choose the suitable style, material and color according to various factors.At the same time, the maintenance of sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to it. Regular cleaning and finishing can make it always beautiful.Finally, the brand’s guarantee is also essential. Choosing a good brand can better protect the quality and use of underwear.

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