Take your girlfriend to sexy underwear

Take your girlfriend to sexy underwear

Take your girlfriend to the sex underwear shop to play

In recent years, the market demand of sexy underwear has gradually increased, and sex underwear has become an important part of sex supplies.Take a girlfriend to the sexy underwear shop to play, which is not only fun, but also enhances the feelings between each other.So, how can I make this trip more pleasant?Below I will provide some suggestions from many aspects.

1. Choose the right time

How to choose the right time?Try to choose non -holiday holidays to avoid flowing too crowded.It is recommended to choose the morning or afternoon to avoid the crowd in the store too chaotic.

2. Choose a suitable shop

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When selecting, it is recommended to choose a large -scale chain store with high reputation and good reputation or a private shop with experience.This will make you get better services and products.

3. Prepare sufficient budget

Because the price of sex underwear is relatively high, there must be sufficient budget.It is recommended to set a budget in advance to avoid excessive spending.

4. Do your homework in advance

Before taking a girlfriend to the sex underwear store, you must do preparation homework, such as understanding different brands, different models, materials, colors and other knowledge about sex underwear.This can be more confident when buying goods.

5. Pay attention to clothing and shoes

When buying, pay attention to wearing comfortable and loose clothes and easy to wear and take off, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and embarrassment during the trial process.

6. Grasp your taste

When buying sexy underwear, you must grasp your own taste and choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you and his girlfriend.What suits you is the best.


7. Inquire with professional consultants in a timely manner

Do not be shy when choosing sexy underwear for your girlfriend, you need to communicate with the professional consultants in the store.They have rich experience and can solve problems encountered for customers.

8. Respect your girlfriend’s opinion

Girlfriend’s views and wishes are very important and need to respect and listen.In the process of purchasing, she should ask her opinions and choose satisfactory sexy lingerie styles together.

9. Leave good memories

Buying sexy underwear is a very romantic thing, which can not only enhance the feelings between each other, but also leave good memories.Take a photo or record the video to record this beautiful memory.

10. I have a correct understanding of this experience

Finally, you must have a correct understanding and attitude, and do not take the purchase of sexy underwear as a secret or serious activity.It should be regarded as a trendy culture of colorful, covering love and sex.

in conclusion

Taking a girlfriend to the sexy underwear shop can bring different fun to each other, but also enhance feelings and make people closer.In the process of choosing sexy underwear, don’t forget to take care of your girlfriend’s opinions and tastes to choose the most suitable product.In such activities, you need to take the right attitude to enjoy the best experience.