Taking a sexy underwear to take light picture men

Taking a sexy underwear to take light picture men

On the Internet, you can easily find photos of various sexy models or stars in sexy underwear.These photos look great, but sometimes they accidentally expose.In this article, we will discuss how to avoid embarrassing light when taking such photos.

Choose the right underwear size

First, choosing the correct underwear size is very important.Too tight, you may feel uncomfortable, but it is too loose and may cause unexpected exposure.Therefore, be sure to measure your body size carefully and choose the underwear that suits you.

Be careful when you dress

Similar to choosing the right size, you need to be careful when dressing.Determine the style of sex underwear and the level of adaptation occasions, and ensure that it can be checked for any damage before dressing, which may cause embarrassing photos to be exposed.

Properly grasp your body posture

When taking photos of sexy underwear, pay attention to your posture to avoid excessive relaxation or forcibly distorting your body.This may lead to unnecessary exposure, which is the result that you don’t want to see.

Pay attention to the body ratio

You need to pay attention to your body proportions when taking pictures.Choosing the angle and body posture of the camera can make your body more well -proportioned, so as to ensure that your body curve is more natural and beautiful, while avoiding unnecessary exposure.

Master the right shooting light

Pay attention to the selection of light when taking pictures.The clever use of light can make the photo more textured and the exposure is appropriate, and without sufficient light may cause the photo to be too dark or too bright.

Choose the right shooting location

Choosing the right shooting location will make you feel more secure.Considering whether there are obstructions when choosing, the possibility of being disturbed by others, and whether there is a monitoring device to ensure your personal privacy and photo security.

Don’t forget to modify photos

Even if you do your best at the scene, modifying photos is essential.According to the actual needs of the photo, use software to adjust the light, color, exposure, etc. to make the photo more perfect.However, do not use too much modification to cover up authenticity.

Protect privacy when shooting

Finally, remember to protect your privacy and human rights.When shooting, we must follow national and regional laws and regulations, and must not infringe the rights and interests of others, including privacy and portrait rights.Photos of sexy underwear must be authorized by the parties.


When taking photos of sexy underwear, note that the above suggestions are the secrets of ensuring the quality of the photo and avoiding embarrassing exposure as much as possible.As long as you master good shooting skills and correct safe dress, you can take perfect sexy underwear photos while protecting your privacy.

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