Tan Xiaotong sexy underwear pictures

Who is Tan Xiaotong?

If you are an underwear control, then you will not be unfamiliar with Tan Xiaotong.She is a well -known domestic underwear model and has attracted much attention for her good figure and sexy image.Among them, she wearing a sexy underwear is even more enthusiastic.Here is a common sexy underwear type that Tan Xiaotong.

Sexy underwear type 1: split -style sexy underwear

The split -type sexy underwear is a relatively special underwear. The pants are usually "split" design, which is completely exposed to the hip.When Tan Xiaotong wore a split -style sexy underwear, she could highlight her sexy curve, while looking less exposed and more elegant.

Sexy underwear Type two: Conjusational sexy underwear

Concern’s sexy underwear, as the name suggests, is the underwear connected up and down, usually diverse, sexy lace lace and unique tailoring, is an excellent choice for showing sexy curves.Tan Xiaotong’s slender figure and conjoined sexy underwear make her look more perfect.

Sexy underwear Type 3: Perspective sexy underwear

Performance erotic lingerie refers to the very thin underwear with a variety of design, which can achieve charming curve and exudes unique charm.When Tan Xiaotong wore a perspective sexy underwear, he often exuded a delicate and sexy atmosphere, which made people feel exciting.

Sexy underwear Type 4: Three -point sexy underwear

Three -point sexy underwear, also known as triangular sexy underwear, is a classic sexy underwear, usually consisting of two small triangles and a belt.When Tan Xiaotong wore a three -point sexy underwear, he presented his sexy back and perfect hip, which was enviable.

Sexy underwear type 5: stockings sex underwear

Stockings sexy lingerie refers to sexy underwear with stockings, which can make women’s thighs more charming.When Tan Xiaotong wore a stocking underwear, he could not only show her beautiful legs, but also enhance the beauty of the entire shape.

Sexy underwear type 6: lace lace sexy underwear

Lace lace sexy underwear is a very classic sexy underwear with unique design, lace and lace decoration.When Tan Xiaotong wore a lace lace, it was undoubtedly a perfect visual enjoyment.Her chest lines, slender waist, and hip -lifting beautiful legs were perfectly presented.

Fun underwear Type 7: Leather sex underwear

Leather sex lingerie is usually designed with black or leather, which is a cool sexy.When Tan Xiaotong wore leather sexy underwear, he looked more handsome and personality.

Sexy underwear Type Eight: Boy Patch Quoted Underwear

The breasts -type sexy underwear is also known as the shoulder -free sexy underwear, which can highlight the chest and provide a perfect chest support effect.When Tan Xiaotong was wearing a chest and sexy underwear, he looked more confident and sexy, making her sexy charm even more infinite.

in conclusion

The above is Tan Xiaotong’s common type of sexy underwear. Each has its unique charm, showing women’s softness, sexy, luxurious and mysterious.If you also want to have a unique charm like Tan Xiaotong, start with the right sexy underwear.

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