Taobao models of making sexy underwear

Background introduction

Taobao sex underwear is one of the popular products in recent years. Tens of thousands of consumers buy sexy underwear on Taobao, and these products need Taobao models to display.So how to become an excellent sexy underwear Taobao model?This article will focus on.

The avatar should be bold

Taobao models are undoubtedly an image -based profession, and a good avatar will bring you more attention.For sexy underwear models, bold, sexy, and energetic avatars are very important.When shooting your avatars, you can use some exaggerated postures, such as chin forward extension, lips slightly open, eyes straight look at the camera, etc. to enhance your personality charm.

Body language is very important

In addition to the avatar, the display of sexy underwear model needs to show the quality and feeling of underwear with the help of body language.When shooting, you can use some movements to increase the charm of sexy underwear, such as holding the waist in your hands, lifting your hips, cross -legged cross, etc. These actions can make the model more charming.

Look at the lens directly

When displaying underwear, the eyes are important factor that directly express the professionalism and charm of models.In front of the camera, you must always watch the photographer’s lens. He has a firm look. You can smile in a timely manner to show your self -confidence and charm, and let consumers feel the charm of the product.

Proficient in photography skills

Taobao models not only need a good image, but also have certain photography skills.Models need to be familiar with various photography equipment and shooting angles, understand their own advantages and deficiencies, and the posture and shooting angle must be free.Only in this way can we show their strengths and make the underwear more vivid.

Bonus makeup techniques

When playing the role of sexy underwear model, you must carefully make up for yourself to make yourself look more charming and sexy.Girls’ makeup is particularly important. When applying makeup, it can strengthen the outline of the lips and eyeliner, highlighting her facial features.At the same time, the color of the underwear also needs to be matched to achieve harmonious colors and double the charm of the product.

Multi -angle display products

When showing sex underwear, you need to shoot from multiple angles to let consumers understand the details and characteristics of love underwear.A variety of angles can be used, such as front and rear, side, front, elevation, angle, etc., to ensure the display of the product for customers.

Need a good figure

Sexy underwear needs to be worn in "visually close", so the body’s body is also very important.Some healthy methods can be used to shape your own figure, such as exercise and controlling diet.When wearing sex underwear, you can use some underwear to repair your advantages, such as chest pads, shaping underwear, etc.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the image and the underwear

When showing sexy underwear, the image of the model is combined with underwear, and you need to pay attention to the compatibility of the image and the underwear.Clothing, makeup, and hairstyle must be coordinated with underwear, giving people a gentle and sexy visual enjoyment.

Cooperate with the team

As a model, the collaboration with the shooting team is very important.Models should establish a good communication and collaboration relationship with photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to ensure that the effect of shooting is more perfect.


Being a successful sexy underwear Taobao model requires comprehensive use of multiple skills, including image, limb language, eyes, photography, makeup, etc. At the same time, it also needs a sexy, confident and professional image.Only with the above characteristics can we stand out and achieve better results in market competition.

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