Taobao sex lingerie shop leading picture

Taobao sex lingerie shop leading picture

There are more and more Taobao sex lingerie shops, but some sexy underwear is different from the picture description in terms of actual dressing effect, which makes consumers feel disappointed after buying.Therefore, it is very important to think that the owner provides real pictures.

Public real photos are conducive to consumers to understand the product

Providing open real photos allows consumers to truly understand the color, style, size and quality of the product.Real photos can show the fabrics and details of the underwear, such as lace and cutting, so that buyers trust the seller more and reduce the return rate.

Number of photos

The shop should not hesitate to show the number of photos. Not only can it show nude, front, side, and back, but also freely combine and wear.This can meet the needs of all consumers and help them choose a product that suits them better.

Use different models

Use different types of models to help consumers with different styles of underwear.For example, women with small breasts prefer to choose chest pad underwear, so when choosing a model, the owner can choose a small model for trial.

Provide actual wearing renderings

Provide actual wearing renderings to allow consumers to better understand the comfort and quality of underwear.This also makes it easier for consumers to imagine what they look like when wearing women’s sexy underwear.The owner can choose different models, for example, wide shoulders or narrow shoulders, different heights, and different sizes of models try.

Describe underwear attributes

On the basis of real shots, we also need to describe the performance and attributes of underwear.The description should be detailed.For example, describe the fabrics, elasticity, pads, breathability of the underwear.This allows consumers to better understand the purchased underwear products.

Provide size measurement guidelines

The size table should be clear and easy to understand.The store should provide a measurement guidelines for size to explain how to measure their size correctly.This can avoid excessive return rate due to size errors, reducing consumers’ enthusiasm for buying.

Customized underwear for different figures

The owner should customize underwear for different figures based on model figure and consumer feedback.This can improve consumer purchase satisfaction and the credibility of the store.

Ensure that actual underwear is equal to photo underwear

The last point is the most important point. The owner must ensure that the selling underwear is actually the same as the underwear in the photo.If there is an inconsistent situation, the store must provide good after -sales service to return or solve the problem in a timely manner.


In summary, Taobao sex underwear shop owners provide real photos not only to help consumers choose products that suits them, but also improve consumer purchase satisfaction and trust.Therefore, shop owners should continuously improve the openness of real photos and product information in order to attract more consumers.

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