Taobao sex underwear model photos are not repaired


With the popularity of the Internet, Taobao has become the preferred platform for many people’s shopping, and buying sexy underwear on Taobao has gradually become a trend.Many sellers will upload sexy underwear models on the product detail page to attract consumers.However, in recent years, many consumers have reported that these photos have the phenomenon of "no repair", that is, the flaws and defects of the model have not been modified, which has caused consumers to trouble.

Reasons for sexy underwear model photos without repair

Some sellers will choose to save money in the photo processing. Do not ask the trimmer for the model photos for the model, and directly upload the uncontrolled photos to Taobao.In addition, some models may not cooperate with makeup and clothing adjustments during the shooting, which reduces the beauty of the photos.

The impact of sexy underwear model photos without repair on consumers

For consumers, sexy underwear is a special type of commodity and needs to meet the needs of consumers visually.If the model photos have obvious flaws and defects, consumers are likely to not buy the product, which will have a negative impact on the sales of the seller.

Sex underwear model photos without repair is legal

Legally speaking, the seller is obliged to inform consumers’ sexual underwear model photos in the product details page, and consumers should also carefully check the product details page before buying to understand the true situation of the product.Therefore, it is not illegal to repair the photos of sexy underwear.

How to distinguish whether sexy underwear model photos are not repaired

To distinguish whether the sexy underwear model is not repaired, the best way is to carefully check the photos of the product details page and read the product description carefully.If the seller clearly specifies the phenomenon of unsatisfactory phenomenon of sexy underwear models, then such photos often add some specific logos, such as "after beautification" and "refined version".

Choose the right sexy underwear model photo

For sellers, it is important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear model.It is best to choose some professional models. The gesture and state of their photos will be better, and it is easier to perform later processing.In addition, sellers should pay attention to the details of clothing and makeup during taking pictures to take photos that meet the needs of consumers.

Snothy underwear model photo modification and standard

For the modification of sexy underwear model photos, the standards have different standards due to regional and cultural factors.Generally speaking, the degree of modification should be moderate and not too heavy.For example, because Japanese consumers are very concerned about the "realism" and "natural sense" of the products, the modification of sexy underwear model photos in the Japanese market is often less than other regions.

consumer rights Protection

For consumers, it is important to choose reputable sellers and stores.If you find that the sexy underwear model of the purchased product is seriously different from the real thing, you can complain through Taobao customer service or platform, and seek to protect your rights and interests.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear model photos without repair are a phenomenon, but it is not illegal.For consumers, choose sellers and shops with high reputation, carefully check the product details page, and carefully identify whether the photos are not repaired is the basic skills to buy sexy underwear.For sellers, choosing suitable models, focusing on taking pictures, reasonable modification of photos, and formulating different standards in accordance with market demand are the key to shooting sexy underwear photos.

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