Taobao sex underwear picture shooting

1 Introduction

With the rapid development of the sexy underwear industry, more and more sellers on Taobao have begun to sell various types of sexy underwear.In this market, taking good product pictures is one of the important factors to attract consumers.This article will introduce the skills and precautions of Taobao’s sexy underwear pictures.

2. Preparation before shooting

Before starting the shooting, you need to ensure that the environment is clean, tidy, sufficient shooting equipment, and the models have wearing fun underwear.At the same time, in order to reflect the beauty and details of sexy underwear, multiple accessories are also required, such as high heels, gloves, stockings, etc.

3. Light lighting

Suitable light lighting is an important guarantee for taking good erotic underwear pictures.The best shooting light is natural light, and the shooting point should be selected in a place where there is enough natural light.If you shoot indoors, you can use a reflective board and a flash to make up for light.

4. Photography equipment selection

For the choice of photography equipment, it is generally recommended to use a digital camera or SLR camera.In terms of lens selection, you should choose a fixed -focus lens of more than 50mm to better catch the details of sexy underwear.At the same time, using a tripod can help keep the camera stable and take clear photos.

5. Choices for styling

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different models.Before shooting, you should choose the corresponding model according to the characteristics of sexy underwear, and according to the model and temperament of the model, make the corresponding makeup, hairstyle and shape design.

6. angle selection

When shooting sexy underwear, the angle choice is very important.It is generally recommended to shoot from multiple angles such as front, side, and back.From a multi -angle display, you can better present the characteristics and details of sexy underwear.

7. Repair processing

After the shooting is completed, it is necessary to repair the map.Generally, the color, brightness, and contrast are required, and the details of the sexy underwear should be ensured.In addition, trimming photos and bidding watermarks are also regular steps for repairing.

8. Effect display

In order to attract consumers, the effect of Taobao sex underwear pictures is very important.It is generally recommended to use software such as Meitu Xiuxiu and PS for special effects, such as slight fuzzy, highlights, etc. to increase the beauty and artistic effects of sexy underwear.

9. Multi -angle display

In order to better display the characteristics and details of sexy underwear, it is recommended to display it from multiple angles.For example, the pictures of the front, side, and back of the sexy lingerie can be combined to combine the characteristics of multiple angles such as, so that consumers can fully understand the characteristics and advantages of love lingerie.

10. Conclusion

Taobao sex underwear pictures require technical processing and display design from multiple aspects.Only through professional shooting, fine trimming and clever display techniques can we take high -quality erotic underwear pictures that meet market demand and attract consumers.

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