Taobao sex underwear upload illegal

What is Taobao sex underwear upload illegal?

Taobao sex lingerie upload is illegal. When uploading or modifying sex underwear products on the Taobao platform, it is prompted by the platform to fail, because the product content does not comply with the Taobao platform specification.The Taobao platform regulates the uploading standards and rules of various products. If the content of the uploaded products does not meet the standard, it may be identified by the platform as illegal, resulting in the unable to be sold normally.

Under what circumstances will the upload of Taobao sex lingerie upload illegal?

There are many cases of Taobao sex underwear uploading, including but not limited to the following:

1. Merchants who produce or sell sex products have not obtained relevant licenses or documents;

2. The uploaded product pictures or introduces illegal information such as vulgarity, obscenity, violence;

3. Title, classification, color, size and other information are inconsistent with actual products;

4. Advertising or illegal content in the product description;

5. The quality of the uploaded products is low and does not meet the requirements of Taobao platform.

How to avoid illegal uploading on Taobao sex underwear?

To avoid illegal uploading of Taobao sex underwear, the merchants need to comply with the upload standards and regulations of the Taobao platform, strictly review the contents of uploading, and avoid the emergence of illegal and unsatisfactory content. The following measures should be taken:

1. Pay attention to applying for a license: To make and sell sex products, you need to obtain relevant licenses or certification documents.Before uploading the product, confirm that you have obtained a relevant license;

2. Reasonable use of pictures and descriptions: use pictures and descriptions of content healthy, non -vulgar violence, and try to avoid the use of illegal and uncivilized expressions;

3. Pay attention to the accuracy of information: When uploading the goods, confirm whether the product information such as the classification, color, size and other product information of the product is true and accurate, and avoid publishing false, wrong or misleading information;

4. Do not bring advertising colors: Try not to appear as much as possible in the description of the product to avoid advertising content such as the website, phone number, etc. to avoid the Taobao bottom line;

5. Note the quality of the picture: The uploaded product pictures should be clear and bright, black without black, no red exterior number and various illegal text, pictures and other logos.

What should I do if Taobao sex lingerie upload is illegal?

If Taobao sex underwear upload is illegal, the merchants need to deal with it according to the specific situation.The specific method is as follows:

1. Confirm the reason: First of all, you need to confirm the specific reasons for Taobao upload failure prompts, and change the content of the product according to the prompt information, such as product introduction, title, uploading pictures, etc.;

2. Upload and wait for the review: After re -change the improvement of the product information, upload it again, waiting for the Taobao platform for review.The Taobao platform review generally takes 1-2 days, and the specific time varies according to the tediousness of the audit process;

3. Contact customer service: If the upload fails after the waiting period, you can contact Taobao customer service staff to seek their help and solution.

How to avoid violations of the copyright of others when uploading sexy underwear on Taobao?

If you upload a sexy underwear on Taobao, the merchant needs to pay special attention to whether it has infringed the copyright of others.The specific method is as follows:

1. First understand the copyright: Understand the requirements of the Taobao platform for copyright, merchants should understand the principles of relevant laws and regulations and reasonable use of copyright;

2. You can buy authorization: When uploading fun underwear, buy related copyright or long -term authorization to minimize the risk of copyright infringement;

3. Show the user: In the introduction, the producer or designer can be marked in the form of pictures or text.

How to make Taobao sexy underwear more attractive?

Increasing the attractiveness of products can make merchants’ sexy underwear more attention and increase sales.The specific method is as follows:

1. Choose a good shooting angle: Choose the best shooting angle for the merchant’s sexy underwear, so that the characteristics and materials of the product are more prominent;

2. Reasonable use of filters: When shooting, you can use the filter to improve the color and brightness of the product, but pay attention to the authenticity of the picture, excessive filter can make the product lose practicality;

3. Show different people: In different cases, you can choose different people, such as adults, youths, women, etc., so that different people have opportunities to choose from.

How to increase the traffic and search rankings of Taobao’s sexy underwear?

If you want Taobao sex underwear to get more traffic and good search rankings, you can use the following measures:

1. Reasonable keywords: When uploading products, fill in the staff as much as possible, including keywords, color, size, function, etc.;

2. Good word -of -mouth evaluation: The words of the pre -sale and after -sales service session can the merchants get a good reputation, so that Taobao sex underwear has a good search ranking on the Taobao platform;

3. Reasonable propaganda method: You can release sexual underwear activities and products on social media channels such as Taobao forums, WeChat groups, and QQ groups to increase exposure and attention.


The normal upload and sales of Taobao’s sexy underwear are issues that merchants should pay attention to, comply with the standards and upload standards of Taobao platform, pay attention to the possible problems in uploading, strictly review and upload content, and avoid the occurrence of illegal and unsatisfactory content.Before the upload is confirmed to have obtained relevant licenses, and pay attention to the accuracy of information and picture quality during the upload process, to increase the attractiveness of the product, optimize the product traffic and search rankings.

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