Taobao shop owner sex underwear trial

In recent years, with the liberation of people’s sexual concepts and the development of society, sexy underwear has gradually become a symbol of fashion and culture.As one of the largest online shopping platforms in China, Taobao has also become one of the most popular products.However, for Taobao store owners, how to choose high -quality sexy underwear suppliers and how to make interesting underwear trials have also become an important issue for their development business.This article will introduce from the perspective of Taobao shop owners to introduce how to choose love underwear suppliers on Taobao and how to correctly try to make sexy underwear.

1. Find high -quality sexy underwear suppliers

As a Taobao shop owner, finding high -quality sexy underwear suppliers is the key to carrying out business.First of all, we must pay attention to comprehensive evaluation such as sales volume and evaluation.Baby scores must be on four stars and above, which is the basic guarantee.At the same time, you can see the product evaluation. This is usually the evaluation of the product left by the customer, and you can understand the actual situation of the product.You can also learn about the specific situation of the product through contacting the merchant.These aspects can help everyone choose more high -quality and reliable suppliers in selecting affectionate underwear suppliers.

Second, choose the right product

After selecting high -quality suppliers, you need to choose the right product.There are many types of erotic underwear on Taobao, the super short three -point, black leather restraint suit, back -back -proof suspender vest, and so on.Each sexy underwear has a unique style and applicable place.Taobao shop owners should understand the needs of customers, and choose sexy underwear that meets the needs of customers in order to better predict sales.

Third, clear size reference

After selecting the erotic underwear, you need to clear the size for reference.Many salesmen or everyone have a fancy appearance when choosing a sexy underwear, but the lining is a thick and depressed history.Therefore, the size of the sexy underwear must be clear. The size of the sexy underwear of different brands is different and the system is different. Therefore, you need to check the size watch carefully when choosing a sex underwear.Size standards can be BUST, WAIST (waist, hip), CUP size, and so on.

Fourth, pay attention to the comfort of material

Pay attention to the comfort of the material for selecting sex underwear.The quality of the material directly determines the comfort and durability of sexy underwear when wearing.When buying, pay attention to the comprehensive factors such as the breathability, skin -friendlyness, and softness of the material.Generally speaking, the texture of high -quality erotic underwear will be relatively soft, breathable, delicate, and more comfortable to wear.

5. The importance of trying penetration

After selecting a good supplier, choosing the right product, clear size standards, and attention to the comfort of the material, the next step is to try on.For Taobao shop owners, trying penetration is a very important link.After wearing sexy underwear, you can check the comfort and quality of sexy underwear.Especially for erotic underwear, it is necessary to check quality inspection, check the waist circumference, mouth, crotch mouth, tear, and ball, so as not to occur when the customer tries to penetrate.

6. Pay attention to the hygiene issues of trial penetration

When trying on, Taobao shop owners must guarantee the hygiene of trial penetration.You can choose to try on in your home or try to try on.It is not only unhygienic, but also not only unhygienic, but also embarrassing and humiliation in public places or other strangers.After trying to penetrate the colorful lingerie, it is best to wash and dry it with disinfectant.

Seven, maintain the maintenance of sexy underwear

After the Taobao shop owner needs to try on the trial of sexy underwear, you need to maintain a reasonable maintenance of sexy underwear.Do well in maintenance can extend the life of the sexy underwear.There are many precautions for maintenance of sexy underwear. You must choose suitable washing conditions and maintenance methods. Do not use hot water to clean up sexy underwear to avoid problems such as deformation or shrinking.

8. Create a good platform atmosphere

In the process of trying on the trial of sexy underwear, Taobao shop owners must establish a good platform atmosphere.Observing rules, respecting customers, and seriously answering customer questions can enable Taobao shop owners to gain the trust and support of customers, promote their sales of sexy underwear, and also help increase the customer satisfaction and word of mouth of Taobao shop owners.

Nine, recommend good products

After trying to wear intact erotic underwear, Taobao shop owners can recommend corresponding product recommendations to their customers to benefit more people.At the time of recommendation, the corresponding sexy underwear can be promoted according to the needs of customers to increase the conversion rate of their sales.

10. Conclusion -Pay attention to trial penetration

In short, the trial process is very important in the process of selling sexy underwear, whether it is for Taobao owners or customers.Therefore, we should also pay attention to finding high -quality sexy underwear suppliers, choose the right product, clear the size standards and material comfort, pay attention to trying on hygiene, maintenance of sexy underwear, recommend good products, and create a good platform atmosphere, thereby improvingGet more customer satisfaction for your sales performance.

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