That kind of sexy underwear is more slippery

In the field of sexy underwear, the choice of materials is particularly important.Different materials will bring different touch to the skin and affect the comfort of wearing.For those consumers who want to feel smooth, the product that has a smoother sexy underwear is undoubtedly the best choice.So, what kind of erotic underwear feels more slippery?It will give detailed answers next.

#1 Silk sexy container

Silk is a very elegant material. It is soft and smooth at the same time.Silk erotic underwear is very popular due to its sliding dynamic.In addition, the silk is still extremely breathable, which can keep you cool and dry in the hot summer.

#2 lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is another very smooth material.Its texture makes people feel soft and comfortable, and it is very suitable for sexy outfit in the bedroom.If you want a texture of sexy underwear to enhance your sexy charm, then choose lace sexy underwear.

#3 Artificial silk sex lingerie

Artificial silk erotic lingerie is also very smooth, and compared to natural silk, artificial silk material sexy underwear is easier to maintain.Under normal circumstances, the price of artificial silk materials will be more close to the people, suitable for consumers who want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, but do not want to spend too much money.

#4 Crystal Super Fiber Instead

Crystal super fibrous sexy underwear is very soft to touch.It has very high elasticity and can meet the wearing needs of different figures.Crystal ultra -fiber sexy underwear is also very smooth and beautiful in terms of visual effects, which can make you more confident and beautiful.

#5 Rabbit Mao Intellectual underwear

Rabbit hair can bring softer and warm touch to sexy underwear.The rabbit hair is soft and the lingerie is soft, like an indescribable soft power, permeating the skin of the wearer, which is very comfortable.

#6 Bingshi sexy underwear

The special feature of ice silk sex lingerie is that it has a good breathability.Not only can it keep you cool and dry in the hot summer, and at the same time, its material texture is also very smooth, and it can bring a sense of massage that wearers.

#7 tulle sex container

Types are very light and breathable.It is special in the thinness of the material, making the wearer feel like nothing.When you put on a thin and breathable tulle sexy underwear, the sliding touch on the skin will be very good.

#8 Liney Inner Underwear

Linen is a very natural, pure material, and the texture is very delicate and the feel is very smooth.The material of linen -sex underwear is naturally breathable, which is more comfortable and healthier during the dressing process.

Taken together, the feelings of all kinds of sexy underwear are different, and everyone’s preferences are different.However, no matter which sex underwear is selected, you must pay attention to the safety of its brand and material to ensure high quality. At the same time, you must tailor the size when you buy it to ensure the comfort of wearing as much as possible.In the end, choosing a sexy underwear you like is the most important.

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