The daughter -in -law found the sexy underwear of my ex -girlfriend

Discover the contradiction caused by the sexy underwear of the ex -girlfriend

The contradictions in marriage are inevitable. After the daughter -in -law found that the sexy underwear left by her husband’s ex -girlfriend, the contradiction was upgraded. This is one of the common family contradictions in society.

Features and classifications of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is a sexy underwear, mainly designed to add interest and pleasure to couples and couples in the process of sex.According to the material and type, it can be divided into erotic underwear, embroidered sexy underwear and mesh sex underwear.

The secret between husband and wife

Since it is the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend, it means that the man had other emotional entanglements before he met his current wife. This secret needs to be maintained between husband and wife.

Sex underwear and sex education

Sex underwear is one of the tools for enhancing sex between husband and wife. Since the husband and wife are partners with a harmonious sex life, the cognition of sex requires more comprehensive planning and guidance in sex education.

Husband and wife’s communication and trust

For the contradictions in marriage, a trivial matter will not cause great contradictions. When there are some unpopular emotions and emotions on the other side, communication and trust are also an important means to deal with this contradiction.

Pay attention to personal privacy

The husband and wife should protect each other’s personal privacy, especially the past romance. This part is a sensitive topic, involving some sensitive memory and emotions.

Establish marriage trust

Marriage is based on mutual trust, and trust is slowly accumulated in daily life. Couples with high trust understand each other in harmony with each other, and they can also understand each other when facing some contradictory things.

Deep meaning of sexy underwear

In addition to showing sexy, sexy underwear also represents some needs and desires in sex, depending on factors such as sexual orientation and psychological needs between the two.

It shouldn’t be too sensitive

In modern society, interest underwear has been accepted as a fashion and lifestyle. When dealing with these contradictions, it should not be too sensitive and enlarged the contradiction between husband and wife.

Keep a normal heart

Keep your mind in marriage, pay attention to each other and family happiness, and reduce unnecessary contradictions and misunderstandings. This is the common responsibility of husband and wife.


The quarrel and entanglement in marriage are inevitable. For sensitive topics such as sexy underwear, we should look at it with a usual heart.Between husbands and wives should maintain communication and trust, understand and support each other, and maintain their happy families. It is even more important.

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