The heroine wears fun underwear movies

A movie introduction of the heroine wearing fun underwear

In the movie, the scene of women’s characters in sexy underwear has always been an attractive focus.These scenarios can enhance the sexy attributes of the character, and can also enhance the plot and visual effects of the movie.In the next article, we will introduce some heroines wearing sexy underwear movies.

1. "Embroidery Spring Knife · Shura Battlefield"

The film is directed by Lin Chaoxian and starring Yang Mi.In the movie, Yang Mi plays a set of black sexy underwear, with black leather gloves and boots, which is very sexy.This scene is very eye -catching and adds a lot to the movie.

2. "The God of War"

In this movie, Angelina Julie played a set of pink sexy underwear.Her sexy figure and the embellishment of sexy underwear make her look more enchanting and mysterious.

3. "Lost Love 33 Days"

In this movie, Guo Caijie’s role is wearing a set of lace -lace underwear.Such a design is neither sweet, but also a certain sexy.The emergence of this scene has added a lot of romantic atmosphere.

4. "Avengers"

In this movie, the character played by the black widow wore a black tights and black sexy underwear.This combination can not only highlight her sexy figure, but also meets the characteristics of the character, making her sexy more lethal.

5. "Sadoko 3D"

This is a horror movie, but one of them is very eye -catching.The heroine wearing black erotic underwear just showed her temptation and danger.This design makes the entire movie more terrifying and memorable.

6. "Breakup Master"

This is a masterpiece representing the level of domestic film production.Liu Yifei’s role is wearing a red sexy underwear, which is very sexy.This scene not only highlights the beauty and cuteness of the character, but also helps the movie attract more audiences.

7. "Rise of the Gorilla Ball"

In this movie, Kelly Howard plays a role in a black sexy underwear.Because this movie scene is very special and the character needs to have some strength and majesty, this design makes Kelly Howard look more mysterious and sexy.

8. "Fifty Degree Gray"

In this movie, the role played by the protagonist Anna Bella wore many colorful sexy underwear.This design highlights the sexy and transparent sense of the character, and also in line with the theme of the movie.This film also makes sexy underwear a global fashion trend.

9. "Chun Jiao Save Zhiming"

This is a Hong Kong movie, and the role played by Zhong Xinyu is wearing a white sexy underwear.This design highlights her beauty and sexy, and also adds a lot of visual effects to the film.

10. "Tiger Dragon Dragon 4"

In this movie, the role played by Mary Elizabeth Winstad wore a red sexy underwear.This design makes the character more sexy and enchanting, and adds a lot of competitiveness to the film.

in conclusion

The movie scene of the heroine wearing fun underwear not only attracts the attention, highlights the beauty and sexy of the character, but also increases the plot and visual effects of the movie.Such designs have appeared in many movies, and they have successfully attracted a large number of audiences.Therefore, in future movies, the use of sexy underwear will be more widely used.