The mayor may be asked her to wear a sexy underwear

Mayor requested wearing a fun shirt

In the recent news, a lascivious mayor asked his female assistant to wear sexy sexy underwear to carry out work, which caused widespread controversy.In this article, we will explore the various types of sexy underwear and its applicability in different scenarios.

Falling underwear for the party

First of all, let’s introduce several sexy underwear suitable for the party.These erotic underwear are usually tempting, making you focus on party or nightclubs.For example, lace hollow sexy underwear and high -waisted red connecting sexy underwear are all very popular sexy lingerie styles.

Interesting underwear suitable for romantic moments

In addition, sexy underwear is also an excellent choice that makes your romantic moment more sweet.If you are planning a romantic night, you can choose to be more surprised by seeing a strong sense of see -through -seeking underwear such as seeing lace and seeing a dresses and see -through -dressed dresses.At the same time, black sexy underwear and purple sex lingerie are also an excellent choice to show your romantic side.

Interesting underwear for sexy activities

If you are looking for a sexy lingerie that makes you more sexy, then you choose sexy underwear like low -cut black color sexy underwear, micro -view stockings and bellybands.These sexy sexy underwear usually stimulate the desire of the inspiration and increase your charm.

Suitable for sexy underwear for daily wear

Of course, sexy underwear is not necessarily just suitable for special occasions, but also daily wear.For example, sexy underwear like ultra -tender sexual panties and bellybands can make you feel more confident and sexy in daily life.

For a sexy underwear for swimming

Wearing sexy underwear during swimming may not be the most practical choice, but if you want to show off your figure in the beach or swimming pool, sexy sex swimsuit is a good choice.For example, sex swimsuits like triangular swimming trunks and high waist Bikini.

For sexy underwear for sex games

Finally, we must mention sexy underwear for sex games.These erotic underwear usually have some advanced functions, such as disassembly breast cover, which can uninstall the internal vibrator.For example, the vest and see -through sexy underwear and the bed game bag are all very popular sex game supplies.

in conclusion

Just like what you see, there are many kinds of sexy underwear. Everyone’s preferences are different. It is important to choose suitable sexy underwear on appropriate occasions.Remember, sexy underwear is a tool that makes you more confident and sexy.We should eliminate boring behaviors like mayor and advocate women to choose a sexy underwear that suits them, rather than being imposed.

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