The novel of the owner of the hostess sex lingerie shop owner

The idea before opening

The heroine’s name is Xiaoxue, who has always opened his own sexy underwear shop with a dream.She loves this industry, and spends several years to learn and study all kinds of sexy underwear when she is in school.After graduating, she has been working in a underwear shop and has always been a manager from ordinary employees, but she still wants her own shop.So she resolutely left the company and started preparing her own store.

Shop design and decoration

Xiaoxue must first consider the design and decoration of the store.When considering the elements of decoration, she should pay attention to choosing as many neutral styles as possible so that more different types of customers can come to the store.She chose the three colors of black, white and mint green, which was very harmonious.The ground in the shop is covered with black tiles, which can better highlight the product.In addition to the display area, the fitting room, and the cashier, she also added a small teahouse in the store to provide guests to rest and chat.

Selection of goods

As a sexy underwear shop, Xiaoxue mainly sells all kinds of sexy underwear.She is very clear about her customer group, that is, those who like to try all kinds of fresh toys and underwear.In the selection of products, she covers almost all the sexy underwear brands to ensure that she can provide the most suitable freshness for different types of customers.From maid clothes and sexy pajamas to various adult sex toys, the products in the shop are almost everything.

Service provision

Xiaoxue attaches great importance to the quality of service. The store hires a very professional team of salesperson. They can not only provide customers with professional and personalized suggestions, but also actively accompany customers to buy products.The store also provides private customization services, so that customers can customize their perfect sexy underwear suit according to their size and personal hobbies.

Advertising marketing

In order to let more people know the products in the store, Xiaoxue actively puts advertisements.She uses various media propaganda, including social media, emails, websites and television advertisements.She also issued leaflets and brochures around the store.For frequent customers, they can also use various membership preferential activities to improve loyalty.All advertisements must be modified and optimized repeatedly to ensure that the value of values is in place, and the advertisement effect reaches the best situation.

Development of supporting services

In order to allow customers to enjoy a better shopping experience, Xiaoxue also carried out a series of supporting services.She held a lecture on interest education, mainly providing customers with relevant knowledge about sexual life.In addition, a small party party also opened in the store, allowing new customers to come to the store to experience and integrate into this big family.

Employee training and management

Xiaoxue believes that employees are important resources in the store, and she must ensure that every employee can provide customers with efficient and friendly services.Therefore, she spends a lot of time and resources for employee training, including product knowledge and sales skills.In addition, the manager must always supervise employees and help them solve problems encountered during the work.

Customer feedback management

Xiaoxue is very concerned about the feedback and opinions of customers, and she is always concerned about the information.According to customers’ feedback, the store will continue to improve and improve the quality of services and product quality.In addition, she also regularly organizes customer satisfaction surveys and analyzes and summarizes to better optimize services and increase customer loyalty.

Communicate with other shopkeepers

Before opening the store, Xiaoxue joined a group of online communities composed of a group of sexy underwear shop owners.Here, she can exchange experiences and resources with the owners of other shops.She also participated in exhibitions and meetings in some industries and met many people in the industry.These relationships let her understand the trends and directions of this industry better, and provide a lot of inspiration for the development of the store.


After several years of hard work and operation, Xiaoxue’s sexy underwear shop has become a well -known sexy underwear shop.All the services and supporting measures she carried out are different from other sexy underwear stores, which has highly evaluated the image and products of the store.In the end, Xiaoxue hopes to provide some references and revelations to those who want to open a sexy underworld through his story.If you have such an idea, please don’t give up, although it starts.

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