The story of the open crotch pants and the sexy underwear

Origin of open crotch pants sexy underwear

Open crotch pants, the fun underwear originally originated in ancient China.In ancient society, open crotch pants have been used as private clothing.In the Tang Dynasty, because the dance dance needed loose clothes, there was a design of opening crotch pants.Later, due to its convenience and special sexy charm, opening crotch pants sexy underwear became a powerful representative of sexy underwear.

Types of open crotch pants sexy underwear

There are many types of open crotch pants, which cater to different personal tastes.These include bikini open crotch pants, conjoined open crotch pants, air pads, suspenders, lace, leather, and so on.Each represents different styles and elements, as well as very different visual experiences.

Penal bag

The uniqueness of the open crotch pants is that they all have a built -in penis bag.This design provides a convenient way for sex, which allows many people to choose sexy underwear, especially for people with pleasure and sex, and it is easier to choose to buy open crotch pants sex underwear.


Many people who wear open -crotch pants and sexy underwear said that they feel a sense of charm.Taking leather models as an example, putting on such clothes will make you feel like a devil with a sexy atmosphere.In addition, wearing open crotch pants and sexy underwear in sex can also bring a unique experience to men and women.

Applicability of open crotch pants sexy underwear

Open crotch pants are often considered to only be suitable for sex, role -playing or other sex occasions.However, these underwear are also suitable for ordinary life and daily wear.Of course, you need your charm and personality, while liberating your heart and rationality.

Details of open crotch pants and sexy underwear

From the perspective of details, open crotch pants are usually made of environmentally friendly materials, such as soft leather and breathable fabrics, but still pay attention to its comfort and durability.In addition, open crotch pants underwear usually requires manual production, and professional manufacturers or businesses need to be selected.

Care at the time of buying

When considering buying a piece of open crotch pants, you need to pay attention to your physical characteristics and personal preferences.For example: physical form, age, gender, different occasions, etc.These factors will affect the styles, sizes and styles of the final underwear.You can usually find the required information and discussions on merchant’s website or social media. This can better choose your own underwear and make shopping more interesting.

The future of the open crotch pants and the fun underwear

With the changes in people’s understanding, cognition, aesthetics, and experience, opening crotch -pants’ sexy underwear will continue to diversify and personalized.With the use of more materials, technology, and design elements, it will become more sophisticated and more special.At the same time, open crotch -pants’ sexy underwear will gradually make people’s understanding and understanding of sex more healthy and scientific.

in conclusion

Open crotch pants and sexy underwear have become practical sexual products of modern people. They are not only popular on the occasion of interest, but also applies to ordinary life and daily wear.Sexy underwear provides people with more diverse sexual experiences, and the sexy and convenience of open crotch pants for more people can choose it.

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