The storyline of boys to send sex underwear

The storyline of boys to send sex underwear

When giving gifts, boys generally consider many factors, such as their preferences, the value of gifts, the needs of receivers, and so on.But what if a boy wants to give love underwear as a gift?This is a question that needs to be considered carefully.This article will tell the storyline of a boy to send a sexy underwear to help readers better understand and grasp the etiquette in this area.

1. Choose the right sexy underwear -the right thing is not necessarily your favorite

When boys send love underwear, they first need to consider the needs and preferences of the receiver, not their preferences.For example, the receiver may appreciate the soft and comfortable texture, not the gorgeous appearance.

2. Understanding size -cooperation is very important

Boys need to understand the size of the receiver, otherwise even if they choose very suitable styles and texture, the size is not suitable, and this gift will be meaningless.

3. Choose the right style -elegant and sexy

Falling underwear has various styles, such as sexy, artistic, romantic and so on.Boys should choose styles that are suitable for the personality of the receiver to grasp the balance between elegant and sexy.

4. Keep polite -don’t let the receiver embarrassed

When sending love underwear, boys need to be polite and not let the receiver feel embarrassed or embarrassed.Gift packaging also needs to pay attention to it, it should be simple and elegant.

5. Carefully Give Suggestions -Actively understand the needs of receivers

If a boy is not sure which sex underwear is most suitable for recipients, he can actively understand his needs and willingness, and put forward constructive suggestions.

6. Use the online platform -not only limited to physical store purchase

Boys can buy sexy underwear through online stores and other channels.This can ensure privacy and selectivity, and avoid inconvenience to buy in physical stores.

7. Ensure quality -details determine quality

When boys send sexy underwear, to ensure that good quality brands and manufacturers should pay special attention to details, such as jewelry, lace, materials, etc.

8. Give it to the receiver to decide -respect to the receiver’s choice

Although boys can provide suggestions, they should finally be given to the receiver to respect their choices and ideas.After all, the gift is to make the receiver feel happy and respected.


When giving others sexy underwear, boys should consider demand and preferences from the perspective of receivers, respect their choices, and maintain polite and good etiquette in order to make the gift truly achieve the goal and make the receiver feel happy and respected.At the same time, boys should also grasp the balance between sexy and elegant, choose high -quality brands and manufacturers, respect details and pay attention to gift packaging, so that gifts are more perfect and precious.

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