The teacher wears a sexy underwear video for me

1. Unexpected task

When I was out of school that day, the teacher stopped me, let me stay, and told me that she had a mission to me.When I heard this, I had imagined various possibilities in my mind, but when the teacher told me that the task was to participate in the sexy underwear video of a merchant, I was still scared.

2. Single knife straight into

Merchant stores are in a bustling shopping mall in the urban area. The teacher arranged a special makeup artist to make up for me, saying that it would make me look more mature and enchanting.I had to close my eyes with the result of waiting for the makeup.

3. Try to try on the fitting room

After the makeup, the makeup artist took me to the fitting room.I got the sexy underwear provided by the store, and she asked me to try it on and choose the style I like.At this time, I started to be a little uneasy. There was only me and makeup artist in the trial room.I was a little embarrassed to take off my clothes and tried to put on those sexy lingerie with lace decoration. I started to feel a bit unreal, but I still took off all the styles.

4. The camera’s lens

After changing my clothes, the cameraman began to show the camera in front of me, letting me do various actions, some sexy, humorous, and naughty.In fact, when I did it myself, I didn’t feel how normal, but when the camera seized every detail of the present, I started to be a little uncomfortable, and I reminded myself to cooperate with the task.

5. Complete the first video

After the first filming, I quickly came back.Seeing the satisfactory expression of makeup artists and cameramen, I also started to relieve a little bit.I can complete this task soon.

6. Enter the state

After several shooting, I gradually entered the state.It may be the reason why it was not adapted at first. In addition, these sexy underwear was carefully designed. I also have a little confidence. When cooperating with the various style of the lens, I will also tease the requirements of those angles by myself.

7. Last question

After completing all the tasks, the teacher told me to go to a special shop.This is not a place to sell interesting underwear, but a specialized sex shop.Many people are curious, right?However, I really didn’t buy anything inside, but I left there in a hurry.

8. Viewpoint

Although this task is a novel experience for me, I also realize that sexy underwear and sex products belong to the areas where adults need their own responsibilities and choices. As teenagers, we need to pay attention to our physical and mental health, as well asThe quality of life and learning.I hope that everyone can accept new things with a positive attitude and pay attention to their own safety issues!

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