The wife suddenly bought a messy underwear

Background introduction

The story takes place one night. When I got home, I found that my wife ran over to show me the latest sexy underwear she just bought.My wife has always been conservative, so this surprise me.

The amazing move of his wife

I am very curious why my wife does this.At first, I felt that she might be seen in the store temporarily, but when I looked closely at the underwear she bought, I noticed that they were all high -quality brands, and it was clear that she had thought about it.


When I asked her why she wanted to buy these underwear, her answer was quite mysterious.She said, "Because I want to try something new." I wanted to ask more details about the matter, but my wife looked a little embarrassed and said that it was her own decision.

Response to this move

I am surprised and curious about this sudden action.My wife has always been a very conservative person, and the relationship between us has been very stable.So I feel a little scared, she may already want to change her thoughts or seek some new experience.

Brand and style selection

I found that the sexy underwear brand purchased by my wife is a very high -end brand, and the style is more sexy.This shows that she spent a lot of time choosing and comparison.Of course, the underwear style is the primary condition for you.

The importance of communication

My wife did not tell me anything in this purchase process, and felt a little embarrassed.This made me realize that communication is important.If we talk more frequently, our relationship will be better.

Mutual understanding between husband and wife

We have been with each other for many years, and I know my wife is very cautious about sex.If she has decided to try new sexy underwear, then I need to support her and respect her decision.This is a process of understanding each other, and our love needs to be continuously expanded and deepened.

The satisfaction and expectations of both parties

The entire purchase process makes me and my wife satisfied.My wife discovered her new appearance and new interest, and I got relevant information and could better understand her needs.This experience will enhance our husband and wife relationship and make us closer.

Meaning of sharing

I think my wife sharing her thoughts to me is an important turning point.This proves that we have a more open and honest way of communication.It enhances the trust between our husband and wife and the understanding between each other.Through this experience, my wife can not only achieve self -perception and satisfaction, but I can also experience a different sexual experience.This is a process of sharing, supporting, and understanding each other.

in conclusion

Take this opportunity, I want to tell readers: Between husband and wife, open, frank, and mutually understanding is very important.We should respect and support each other, and discover new things together, so that our love relationship will be more colorful.

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