The woman takes the initiative to buy a sexy underwear

Why do women buy sexy underwear

If your girlfriend or wife actively proposes to buy sexy underwear, this may make you feel a little surprised.However, it is not uncommon for the woman to buy this type of underwear.In fact, this may be an interesting adventure that allows you to explore new fields with your partner and enhance your intimate relationship.

The woman wants to try new things

Buying sexy underwear is a way for women to try new things.This underwear is usually more sexy and dazzling than ordinary underwear.It makes women feel more confident and attractive, which will cause a virtuous circle.Trying new things can enhance their self -confidence and make them feel good.

Interest underwear fills the vacancies in sexual life

If your sex life is becoming more and more tedious, sexy underwear may be a solution.Although it does not solve the problem completely, it can play a relief.Interest underwear can enhance the interest of sexual life, allowing you and your partner to experience the excitement and excitement in life, and to enhance the fun of sexual life.

The woman wants to try new role -playing

Interest underwear gives women the opportunity to try different role -playing, such as nurses, students, police and other roles.This experience can enhance the fun of sexual life and increase intimate relationships.Role -playing can enhance the emotions between the two sides, and at the same time, it can make people more confident and self -expression more free.

Increase the fun of video tapes

If you often record your sexual life with your partner, sexy underwear can increase the fun of video tapes.This gives you a new angle that makes you feel closer.You can discuss the feeling of underwear at this time in the conversation, record your reactions and mutual performance, thereby increasing your sexual fun.

Sexy underwear can enhance sexual feelings

Sex underwear is often used to enhance contact between skin.This allows people to feel more sexy, and it can also enhance the interaction between the two parties, make the body more contact, and increase the intimacy between the skin.These stimuli can make sexual life more irritating and exciting.

Sexy underwear can increase new sex toys

Interest underwear can be used with products like massage sticks, lubricants and other sex toys.These tools can enhance your sexual experience and make you feel closer. Use sexy underwear can increase the fun of using these tools.

Increase the new view of your partner

Sex underwear allows you to re -know your partner.When you see her in sexy sexy underwear, you will be greatly stimulated, and your heart will be full of desire.This new feeling can increase the sexual attraction and stimulus between you, and make your sexual experience richer and colorful.

The woman hopes to be more active

Sometimes the woman wants to actively control the situation in sexual life.Buying sexy underwear can make the woman feel more confident and make them full of confidence in leading you to experience new things.This self -initiative helps to increase the confidence of the woman and make them more satisfied.


Interest underwear is an important part of enhancing sexual life.When the woman actively proposes to buy sexy underwear, this is a good opportunity to try new characters and sex toys, enhance the interaction and trust between the two, and increase the sexual attraction and stimulus between you.Let the woman buy sexy underwear is a useful decision and helps enhance the intimate relationship between you.

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