There is a rope under the sexy underwear

How to solve the root rope under the sexy underwear?

When you buy a sexy underwear, you may find a small problem: the rope under the underwear.This rope is usually used to help keep the underwear on the body, but it is often easier to slide or tied to a private part.Then what should be done?

1. Understand the role of root rope

First of all, it is important to understand the role of this rope.Because the design of this rope is to help your sexy underwear on your body, you should try to see if it will bring you discomfort or pain.

2. Dress the right size

It is important to wear a sexy underwear with the correct size. If the size is wrong, the rope may slip or leak too tight.Before buying a sexy underwear, measure your body size and choose a suitable size underwear.

3. Adjust the root rope

If you find that the rope is too tight or uncomfortable, you can try to adjust it.Some erotic underwear designers specifically considers this, they will design adjustable buttons on the rope to make it easy for the wearers to adjust.

4. Wear the right panties

It is also important to choose underwear correctly, especially when wearing sexy underwear.Choosing a style and panties that suits your body and the material will improve your comfort.

5. Know your body

It is important to understand your body, especially when wearing sexy underwear.Some people’s physical structure may not be suitable for wearing some styles of sexy underwear, so choosing underwear that suits them will reduce discomfort or discomfort.

6. Try the underwear without root ropes

If you feel that the roots are very uncomfortable when wearing a sexy underwear, you can consider choosing underwear without root ropes.These underwear do not slip or leak too tightly, but it may affect your interesting underwear, so pay attention to the material matching when buying.

7. Use other auxiliary tools

Some people in sexy underwear may use some auxiliary tools to help them wear.For example, some women wearing sexy underwear will choose to use meat -colored pantyhose to cover the roots.

8. Seek professional help

If you still cannot solve the root ropes under the sexy underwear, you may wish to ask a professional underwear staff or consulting a doctor to help.

In short, root ropes may be a problem for many people, but as long as you have tried, choose sexy underwear and underwear suitable for your body, or try to use other auxiliary tools, you can help you solve this problem.