Three points

Three points

1. Types of underwear

Victoria’s Underwear Show is all -rounded, from sexy bras, underwear to full -covered robes, as well as nude shoes of Lake Baikal.However, the most popular type of Victoria’s Secrets is the combination of bra and underwear.One of their most popular reasons is because they have the most famous combination.

2. The diversity of color

Another advantage of the Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Show is the diversity of color.Whether it is monotonous black and white or bright colors, the color of Victoria’s Secrets and sexy underwear has a wide variety of colors, which can meet consumer needs in different styles.This diversity is even applied in a single design. For example, Isabel Fuhu showed a bra that printed color patterns on black tulle through printing technology on the 2014 fashion show.

3. Material innovation

Another highlight of Victoria’s Foin underwear is the innovation of material.The brand uses a variety of materials, such as silk, lace, fish nets, etc., bringing different feelings and experiences to consumers.The brand has also conducted experiments on new materials. For example, the "fiber -fiber corset" on the 2016 fashion show, which integrates fiber and LED lamp bars in the bra, integrates fashion and technology.

Overall, the success of the Victoria’s Secret Inspection Underwear Show is many aspects, including brand design and marketing, as well as the combination of fashion and culture.The culture and orientation they show are always leading the trend of fashion, which is also their ultimate goal.

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