Tibetan lingerie goes out

Tibetan lingerie goes out

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear allows women to show their charm in many aspects such as colors, materials, and styles.However, many women will still wear sexy underwear when they go out.Today we will discuss how to choose the right sexy underwear on different occasions and hide it cleverly when going out.

1. workplace

In the workplace, women need to be decent, generous, and also show women’s tenderness and charming.For this situation, it is suitable for choosing a simple and stable sexy underwear, such as black or skin -colored milk stickers or meat -colored stockings.These erotic underwear can be unprecedented and dazzling while showing women’s charm, and they can also "hide" well when they go out.

2. Dating

In the occasion of dating, women can choose more sexy, exposed sexy underwear, so as to better express their charm and sexy.Such as suspended sexy underwear, lace lace underwear, etc.However, you also need to choose the underwear style based on the location and time of the date to avoid being too similar or exaggerated.

3. Ordinary daily

In ordinary daily life, women can choose sexy underwear according to personal preferences, and they can also boldly choose some styles or colorful sexy underwear.Especially when the weather is relatively hot, you can choose a cool and breathable sexy underwear, such as a camisole or lace lace shorts.

4. Exercise fitness

In sports and fitness, women do not need to wear traditional sports underwear, and they can choose some sexy underwear suitable for sports.For example, simple, comfortable and breathable milk stickers or milk stickers vests.These erotic underwear can not only get rid of the restraint of sports underwear, but also show the sexy and good figure of women.

5. Friends gathering

In the occasion of a friend’s party, women can choose some sexy and exaggerated sexy underwear, such as perspective or underwear on the evening dress.This can not only show the charm of women, but also make the party atmosphere more enthusiastic, but it should be noted that not too exaggerated or hitting shirts.

6. Disposal travel

In the occasion of travel travel, women need to choose some sexy underwear that are comfortable and suitable for long -term wear.Such as the waist, breathable, comfortable underwear and bras without steel.This can not only maintain a good physical condition, but also make the travel journey more pleasant.

7. Formally dinner

In the formal dinner, women can choose a simple and excellent sexy underwear.For example, a gathering underwear that can show beautiful breasts, or deep V short vests.These erotic underwear can bring comfortable and temperament display, not too exaggerated and incompatible.

8. Family life

In family life, women can choose some relatively loose, relaxed and generous sexy underwear, such as pajamas or strap vests.These erotic underwear can show some sexy quality, which can bring good quality of family life.

At the end of the article, what I want to say is that sexy underwear is an important part of women’s clothing. Through the choice and clever combination of sexy underwear on different occasions and time, women can show their charm on different occasions on different occasions.Essence

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