Tied on the stool and wearing fun underwear

H2 is tied to a stool to be worn by a sexy underwear

As a sexy and interesting toy, sexy underwear plays a positive role in sex, which can stimulate human sexual desire and layers, and let people experience more pleasure.For those who like to bundle games and blended with physical and mental integration, it is a very good experience to be tied to a stool to be worn on a stool.This article will introduce this experience.

How to do the H2 stool bundle game?

Binding games are a kind of sexy game. Usually, by using some simple binding and props in the early stage, couples can experience different stimuli in sexual life.It is also one of them to be tied to a stool.Before the game starts, the two parties need to discuss details and gameplay to determine the degree and tie of the tied party.

How to choose h2 sex underwear?

It is very important to choose the right sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, consider the comfort and sexy effect of wearing.It is best to choose a sexy underwear with good breathability and soft material so that when being tied to a stool, you will not feel too uncomfortable and painful, which will affect the experience.

How should H2 be tied to a stool to choose the right stool?

When playing with a sex game tied to a stool, it is important to choose a suitable stool.First, stools need to be stable to avoid accidents.Secondly, the height and long model of the stool also need to consider the size of the body to ensure that the person being tied up can sit firmly and comfortably without being injured or inconvenient.

How to choose tie rope and bundle props?

Choosing suitable tie rope and binding props is a link that cannot be ignored in the binding game.The length and width of the tie rope should be appropriate. Do not be too long or too short, too thick or too thin.Use props for binding to use suitable materials with good size and comfortable performance.When choosing a clip and blindfold, consider the reaction and tolerance of the tied people to ensure the fun game.

How to wear h2 sexy underwear?

Wash it with warm water and dry it before wearing a sexy underwear.For some underwear, you may need to bring some props when wearing, such as handcuffs, whipping props, etc., which should be placed in a convenient location for easy use.When wearing a sexy underwear, you can use the help of the mirror and the people next to you to ensure a good fit.

How does H2 wear sexy underwear to tie rope?

After wearing a sexy underwear, you need to tie your hands with your hands.This process requires experienced people to guide and help.The wearer should relax with your heart, quietly feel any faint response of the body, and wait for the abducted person to perform the next move and instructions.

How to choose positions and angles in H2?

It is very important to choose the correct position and angle when making fun binding the game.It is best to choose a room with air circulation to prevent both parties from being too hard and binding for too long, leading to physical discomfort.In addition, players can constantly explore the most suitable positions and angles while collecting feedback experience to ensure safety and comfort.

H2 sex experience experience?

Once fixed, fixed sexy lingerie wearers will not be able to move under the limitation of interest.The experience brought by this physical restriction seems to make them more deeply experiencing sexual intercourse, and the feeling of nowhere to escape is quite irritating and pleasure.The appropriate use of sexy underwear toys can make couples feel more pleasure and make the sex process more interesting and exciting.


It is a very interesting binding game to be tied to a stool. It is a very interesting binding game. By choosing the appropriate toys and props, both sides can deeply enjoy the pleasure and excitement.Before the game starts, we must fully actively communicate and plan the game process reasonably.As long as the two parties continue to prepare for adequate preparation to avoid using the wrong steps and methods, binding games will definitely become an unforgettable experience.

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