Tunxi sexy underwear

What is Tunxi sexy underwear

Tunxi sex lingerie is one of the traditional Hangzhou specialty products, and it is a kind of sexy underwear with a strong Jiangnan style.Tunxi is the old city of Hangzhou. Because it is located in Wu Yue’s hometown, many antique cultural monuments have gathered.Tunxi’s sexy underwear adopts the local excellent satin and embroidery technology. It has a variety of styles. It has a refreshing modern style and an elegant and exquisite classical charm.

Features of Tunxi sexy underwear

The biggest feature of Tunxi’s sexy underwear is to inherit the ancient embroidery technology. The use of gold and silver wires, color lines, etc., embroidered traditional flowers, birds, landscapes and other elements on clothes, adding a few classic flavors.In addition, Tunxi’s sexy underwear has a variety of styles. There are various styles such as three -point, hollow, and split type, which is suitable for different body shapes and wear occasions.

Tunxi erotic underwear material

The main material of Tunxi’s erotic underwear is satin. The excellent mulberry silk is treated with special processing, which feels soft and smooth and shiny.In addition, some Tunxi sexy underwear also uses lace, mesh and other materials, which reveals a sexy atmosphere.

The color of Tunxi erotic underwear

The color of Tunxi sexy underwear is mainly light colors, especially pink and white.In addition, some styles use black and red colors to create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

The suitable crowd of Tunxi sexy underwear

Tunxi sexy underwear is suitable for all women who like sexy and romantic atmosphere. Whether it is a newlywed couple, lovers, couples, single women, etc., they can wear it to add life fun.

Tunxi sex underwear wearing occasion

Tunxi sex lingerie is suitable for wearing in private occasions, such as family fun life, romantic nights between couples, husband and wife life, etc.Of course, it is also a good choice to wear Tunxi sexy underwear in some sexy places, such as sexy nightclubs, sex stores and other places.

How to maintain Tunxi sexy underwear

The maintenance of Tunxi sex lingerie is relatively simple. It is recommended to use hand washing to avoid using washing machines.At the same time, when cleaning Tunxi sexy underwear, too much detergent and bleach cannot be used to avoid damage to fabrics and embroidery.

How to choose Tunxi sexy container

When choosing Tunxi erotic underwear, you must first choose according to your body shape and wear occasions.In addition, you should also pay attention to the selection of sexy underwear with excellent materials and fine workmanship to ensure comfort and safety.Finally, you can also choose different styles and colors of Tunxi sexy underwear according to personal needs.

The future development of Tunxi sexy underwear

With the revival of traditional culture and people’s pursuit of quality of life, Tunxi’s sexy underwear will continue to maintain its unique position in the future.In the future, Tunxi’s sexy underwear will pay more attention to fashion and comfort, constantly referring to new, to meet the needs of consumers, and become a representative of fashion and taste.


Tunxi sexy underwear is a kind of sexy underwear with a strong Jiangnan style. It uses traditional embroidery craftsmanship and excellent materials, taking into account sexy and classical style.Choosing a style and color that suits you, correct maintenance and wear will add a lot of interest and fun to your life.

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