Twoked brains and sexy underwear shows


Interesting underwear originated in the ancient Chinese women’s sex culture. After thousands of years of development and evolution, it gradually became a reflection of personality and personality in the 21st century.In modern society, sexy underwear is not only a private item for women, but also more and more important auxiliary items that have become an important item that people show themselves, pursue excellence, and shape their own image, and go to the pinnacle of life.More and more people like to participate in the sex underwear show at home or nightclubs.In the seemingly simple sexy underwear show, behind it is a series of ingenious design and planning process.

design style

The design style of sexy underwear is simple, sexy, sweet, retro, practical and so on.The purpose of different design styles is to meet the different needs of customers.For sexy underwear in Europe and the United States, most of the design styles in simple and atmospheric.This design style focuses on the wrapping and highlight of the human curve, but it is not too exaggerated.The sexy underwear in Asia is mostly with fresh and cute design styles. This design style is mainly aimed at young customers. It pays more attention to the matching of color and patterns, and pursues personal characteristics and personalized experience.

Material selection

Material selection is a very important link in the design of sexy underwear.Common materials are lace, silk, cotton, and so on.Different materials can give people a different feeling. Natural cotton underwear gives people a relaxed and natural experience, and silk underwear can make people feel luxurious and comfortable.The lace -made underwear focuses on sexy and temptation, and the combination of silk and lace can add some elegant and mysterious temperament at the same time as sexy.

Design Ideas

Design creativity is the soul of the sexy lingerie show.In the process of sexy underwear design, designers usually integrate current popular elements, and at the same time make creative design in style and details.Some erotic underwear design likes bold breakthroughs and mixes all kinds of elements, which is strange and dizzying.Some designs like to work hard on the details, such as adding glittering sequins or gems, rhinestones, etc., so as to sublimate the underwear design to the extreme.

color match

Color matching is also a key link in the design of sexy underwear.Different colors can give people different feelings. For example, red can create sexy and ambiguous feelings. Blue can give people feel fresh, clean, quiet, quiet and other feelings, while black is common, mysterious, mysterious, night and other breathEssenceWith different colors of underwear, people can have different visual effects and can also meet people’s different mood needs.


The use of the lighting underwear show is very important.This is also one of the key steps for the most visual impact of the sexy underwear show.Appropriate lighting can highlight the advantages of underwear, make people better appreciate, and create a different atmosphere.The weakness, brightness, softness, and colorfulness of light will make sexy underwear show completely different sexy and attractiveness.


The body’s posture is also one of the key factors for showing erotic underwear.The most important way to design underwear is the body’s posture, allowing the audience to experience the visual and sensory experience brought by the underwear in minutes.The posture of the model is determined by the head, hands, body, legs, and four general directions. The body’s posture needs to complement the design of the sexy underwear, making it easier for people to notice the details and highlights of the underwear.

Music matching

In the sexy underwear show, the selection of background music is also important.The texture, tune, and rhythm of music should echo the temperament of underwear.If it is a lively and cheerful underwear, you should use some cheerful music. If you are sexy underwear, you should choose a more soft music to allow people to get the dual feelings that complement the vision in hearing, and to the greatest extent to stimulate consumers to buy the desire to buy.

Matching accessories

In the erotic underwear show, the use of accessories is equally important.Such as transparent socks, oblique hats, leopard handbags, fluorescent necklaces, and so on.Every small detail can make underwear unusual.Noble jewelry, cute dolls, and beautiful scarves are also good choices for sexy underwear.Through good accessories, a new personality image can be created to help consumers choose the right matching solution.


Interesting underwear is a complex process that involves many factors such as design, material, matching, body, and music. Only in these critical processes can consumers feel different in the underwear and provide consumers with providing consumers with consumers.A better experience.Only by doing the ultimate in detail, using good color matching, and matching underwear accessories can the sexy underwear show achieve the best effect.

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