Ultraman sex underwear open crotch

What is Ultraman sex underwear?

Ultraman’s sexy underwear is a sexy underwear with the Japanese special film "Ultraman" as the source of inspiration.The main color of this underwear is mainly silver, red, and blue, and it is also paired with white or black.It is characterized by very sexy, and at the same time combines Ultraman’s characteristic elements, such as the decoration with Altman’s logo and arm contour.One of the biggest features of Ultraman’s erotic underwear is the opening of the crotch, which increases stimuli and pleasure during sex.

What is the open crotch design?

Open crotch design is a sexy underwear design. It is characterized by opening at key parts and closed with buttons or zippers.The fun underwear design of open crotch can facilitate sexuality. You can perform sexual behavior without taking all or parts of the underwear, which greatly improves the joy of sex.

What are the styles of Ultraman’s sexy underwear?

There are many styles of Ultraman’s sexy underwear, such as: Ultraman cheongsam, Ultraman’s sleeping money, Ultraman uniform money, Ultraman swimwear, etc.These styles are not only different in color and material, but also different designs in style. Some add tassels or lace decorations, which are more sexy and charming.

How to choose the size of Ultraman’s sexy underwear?

The size of each erotic underwear is not the same, so when buying Ultraman sex underwear, you must first understand your body size and choose according to the size table.If you are not sure your size, it is recommended to contact customer service or try it out before buying.

What occasions are suitable for Ultraman sexy underwear?

Ultraman’s sexy underwear is more sexy and is not suitable for wearing in some formal occasions, but it is very suitable for wearing in special festivals and situations such as sex places, Valentine’s Day.

How to maintain Ultraman sex underwear?

Because the material of Ultraman’s sexy underwear is generally more delicate, you need to wash it by hand. It is not appropriate to wash it with a washing machine, and it is generally washed with cold water to avoid shrinking and deformation after washing.In addition, a certain amount of washing items need to be applied to keep the underwear clean.

Which people are suitable for Ultraman sexy underwear?

Anyone who wants to increase interest and sex experience can wear Ultraman sex underwear.Especially the boring sex life between husband and wife or lover can increase stimuli and better mobilize emotions by wearing sexy underwear.

How to match Ultraman sex underwear?

The color of Ultraman’s sexy underwear is relatively single, and it is best to match bright clothes to increase the visual effect.However, because the sexy degree of sexy underwear is relatively high, don’t be too public.When matching, you can refer to the principles of similar clothing matching.

The price range of Ultraman sex lingerie?

The price range of Ultraman’s sexy underwear is relatively wide, usually between dozens to hundreds of yuan.Some of the high -priced styles may be finely treated in texture, style, and design.


The sexy and stimulus of Ultraman’s sexy underwear is very high, which can add freshness and fun to the sexual life between husband and wife or lover.Pay attention to some details in choosing, wearing and maintenance.However, the core point is to be suitable and meet the needs of both parties.

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