Very dirty novels wear sexy underwear

Very dirty novels wear sexy underwear

With the prevalence of online literature, the content of many novels has become more and more "dirty", and it seems more and more exposed when talking about the plot of sexual and sexual stimuli.In these novels, wearing sex underwear has become a common plot, so what kind of sexy underwear can best cause readers’ imagination?

1. lace sexy underwear

As one of the most common fabrics in sexy underwear, lace is extremely sexy when designing sexy underwear.The classic black lace sexy underwear is even more unbelievable with the red colors.This kind of sexy underwear is often worn by the heroine in the novel to attract the attention of the male lead.

2. Swimsuit sexy underwear

The swimsuit -style sexy underwear is also very popular nowadays.This underwear adopts the design elements of the swimsuit, which is even more exposed in the design of the chest and crotch.In the novel, the heroine puts on such a sexy underwear by the pool, or wearing it during vacation, which will cause the heroine to have endless reveries.

3. Velvet Instead underwear

As a fabric with full texture, velvet is suitable for the design of sexy underwear.Swan -velvete’s colorful underwear is often black and dark in color. It is decorated with some metal buckles. It has both texture and full of blood.If such a plot appears in the novel, it will often make people feel gloomy and irritating.

4. cool net clothing lingerie’s fun underwear has a very good breathability, suitable for wearing in summer.In terms of design, with lace and lace as auxiliary, it creates a light and refreshing feeling.This kind of sexy underwear is usually suitable for novels with easier plots.

5. Embroidered sexy underwear

Embroidery and sexy underwear are more detailed and sophisticated in design.If such underwear appears in the novel, it is usually worn on the heroine to show her identity, status and elegance.

6. Sexy and physical sexy underwear

The design of sexy physical and sexy underwear is relatively new, and the probability of appearing in the novel is lower.But if it appears in the plot, it will often become a very cool and cool element.

7. Sexy underwear accessories

For some female readers, a set of sexy underwear is too exaggerated to wear, but wearing only one sexy underwear accessory can have a sensuality effect, and the whole person does not look too exaggerated.If such a plot appears in the novel, it will often attract readers’ attention.

8. Maid dress sexy underwear

The probability of maid’s sexy underwear in the novel is greater.The hostess puts on such a sexy underwear, which can not only satisfy the fantasy of psychological love in the male protagonist, but also allow female readers to feel that they can switch to cute girls and queen Fan at any time.

9. Remove lingerie

Rocity underwear is suitable for appearing in campus novels or youth love novels.This type of erotic underwear is mainly based on girls’ hearts, and usually uses bright colors and cute patterns.In the novel, the heroine Halloween wears the naughty and cuteness of the cute underwear is also difficult to fight.

10. Adult toy sexy underwear

Adult toy erotic underwear design is mainly based on enhanced sexual stimuli. With adult toys, it can help two sex couples enhance sexual pleasure.However, this kind of sexy underwear still appears less in novels, perhaps because it is not enough to open in the field of writing.


Wearing erotic underwear has become one of the common plots in online literature, often allowing readers to have more reverie and emotional resonance.Different types and styles of sexy underwear can bring readers different reading fun and enhance the charm of novels.

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