Video of Northeast women selling sexy underwear


In the Northeast, there are some women who are confident, open -minded, and individual, not only good at life, but also good at entrepreneurship.In recent years, a video that has a sensation across the country has attracted everyone’s attention, that is, the video of Northeast women selling sexy underwear.

Video background

This video was shot in 2017 and was produced and broadcast by Henan Satellite TV Highlight Channel. The video presented some Northeast women, which opened up a way -selling sex underwear and embarked on the road of entrepreneurship.

The background of these women

These women come from different cities in the Northeast, some are housewives, some are white -collar workers, some are hawkers, and some are retired elderly people, but they all have the same thing: the mentality of entrepreneurship and unremitting spirit.

The meaning of selling sexy underwear

Selling fun underwear can add interest, integrate into the two -person world, and make couples sweeter.Moreover, in modern society, the concept of sexual concepts has gradually lifted the ban. Good sexual concepts help improve the emotional relationship between husband and wife, and selling sexy underwear has also become a new market.

Challenge of entrepreneurship

There is no shortcut in entrepreneurship, there is no simple route, and it is often challenging and suffering to people.Although these women made breakthroughs in selling interesting underwear, they also encountered many challenges, such as market competition, management teams, fund raising, and so on.

The essence of selling sexy underwear

Selling fun underwear requires good creativity, a good sense of smell, good taste, and a good ability to make good finances, brands, etc. at the same time.But the essence of selling erotic underwear is that it needs to convey a kind of interest, a mood and an atmosphere.

Features of Northeast women

Northeast women are open -minded, confident, and individual, with positive attitudes of life, not afraid of suffering or tired.They have good courage and firm determination, and can grit their teeth and give up on the way to start a business, which has also become the key to their success.

Subsequent development

This video allows more people to start to understand the entrepreneurial spirit of Northeast women, and let more and more people see the market prospects of selling sexy underwear.This market requires more further development, more attention and support, and more people, participating in this market, creating a better future.


As presented in the video, women in Northeast China are open -minded and confident. They give full play to their advantages and be glad to move forward on the road of entrepreneurship.And the market for selling sex underwear is also expanding and growing.We must learn from these Northeast women, learn their ordinary but extraordinary entrepreneurial stories, and actively participate in the development and creation of this market.

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