Washing sexy clothes in the dormitory

Why wash sexy underwear in the dormitory?

Sex underwear is a very private item for every woman.Therefore, many girls choose to wash in the dormitory.Different from ordinary underwear, the fabrics and design used in sexy underwear may be limited.Washing sex underwear in the dormitory is convenient and privacy.

Material and fabric

The most critical point for sexy underwear is the fabric.Different from ordinary underwear, the fabrics used in sexy underwear are often more special and need to be carefully taken care of.For example, nylon, lace and other fabrics need to use professional cleaning agents to avoid damaging the elasticity of fabrics.Silk, wool and other fabrics need to be washed with cold water to avoid contraction and deformation after heating.

Hand washing is the key

For sexy underwear, the best way to wash is hand -washing.If the use of a washing machine can easily cause the hook, skeleton and other components to deform, the effect of the entire underwear will be affected.Hand washing can avoid this situation, while treating underwear more gentle and carefully.

Dedicated cleaning agent

It is very important to use professional cleaning agents when cleaning sex underwear.For example, if the fabric is nylon, using different tie cleaning agents from other fabrics can achieve the cleaning effect in a targeted manner without damaging its elasticity.If the fabric of the underwear is not clear, it is recommended to choose a conventional cleaner and rinse it with cold water to avoid dyeing and damage fiber.

Pay attention to the mixed washing of color

For sexy underwear of different colors, it is best to wash it separately.Avoid color distortion between colors.If you must wash it together, you can choose some specially cleaning valuables or color mixed cleaning agents to avoid dyeing.

Do not use the dryer

Do not use a dryer for sexy underwear.Hot wind and high temperature can cause deformation or contraction of underwear fabrics, and hooks and skeletons are also prone to deformation damage.Instead, use a towel to absorb the excess water gently, and then hang the underwear in a cool place.

Avoid folds and deformation

Sex underwear is easy to cause fold and deformation problems for folding and other reasons.Therefore, after washing, you need to organize underwear before drying.In particular, the steel wires, skeleton and other components are set up to avoid deformation and folds.

Don’t blame the sheets

Many fabrics in sexy underwear are not suitable for ironing the coating board.Otherwise, they will damage or fade.If you need to organize the appearance of the underwear, you can choose to use a slight placement or professional cleaning technology, instead of using the hot coat.

in conclusion

Washing sex lingerie requires special attention.For this highly sensitive item, we can use hand washing, selection of professional cleaning agents, not using dryers, avoiding wrinkles, no ironing, etc. to maintain maintenance to maintain sexy and beautiful and extend the service life.

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