Washing sexy jackets secretly


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of our sexual life.In fact, they can not only increase our sexy, but also stimulate our deeper desire for intercourse.However, when they need to wash, it is difficult for many people to deal with this problem.Especially for those who live in the public environment, this is a big challenge.Therefore, this article will take you to discuss how to secretly wash the sex underwear without leaking our private space.

Understand the washing machine

Before starting to wash the love underwear, we need to understand our washing machine.Because they can help us wash our sexy underwear without leaking our secrets.

Select the washing program

It is important to choose the appropriate washing program.If we want to wash off the stains and bacteria on the clothes, we can use high temperature water for cleaning.However, if we want to protect the quality of sexy underwear, in this case, warm or cold water washing procedures are more suitable.

Use a soft agent

Sex underwear is usually made of linen, satin or tulle.These raw materials need special care.We can add a soft agent when washing to ensure the texture of the sexy underwear soft and shiny.

Use a specific detergent

Sex underwear is usually made of a variety of materials.Therefore, we need to choose different detergents according to their materials.For example, some materials cannot be cleaned with detergent containing bleach.

Use a washing bag

Using a specific washing bag can reduce the friction of sexy underwear during laundry.This can also prevent sexy underwear from being entangled together to form tumor hips, affecting the cleaning effect.

Select cleaning time

Choose the right period to ensure your private space.For example, washing at night you do not often communicate with roommates, this can prevent your roommate from having any discomfort because of this.


Sex underwear needs to be dry in ventilation and low temperature environment.If you have a low -noise wet machine, this is the best way.If not, we can dry them on the drying rack.

Hidden and custody

When our sexy underwear is dry, we need to keep them.In this case, we can use some special storage boxes, storage bags, etc. to hide them.

Routine inspection

When we think that sexy underwear needs to be cleaned, we need to check if there are any debris on the clothing.This can help protect sexy underwear from being damaged by additional damage.

in conclusion

In life, it is important to protect our private space.But at the same time, we also need to pay attention to the way we use and maintain sexy underwear.Therefore, we can use these techniques to secretly wash the sex underwear without exposing our privacy.

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