Wear sex underwear after puppies breast augmentation

Introduce the prosthetic breast augmentation

In recent years, breast augmentation surgery has become a popular beauty method.Poor breast augmentation is placed in the lower part of the chest through surgery, thereby improving the shape and increasing the volume.Some women enhance self -confidence and body shape proportions through prosthetic breast augmentation.

Permanent breast augmentation and sexy underwear

Wearing erotic underwear can increase women’s confidence and sexy degree.But for women who have passed the prosthesis, choosing the right sexy underwear is particularly important.What impact will we wear in sexy underwear after breast augmentation?

Choose the right material

When wearing sex underwear, materials are key factor affecting comfort.The skin may be more sensitive after the prosthesis breast augmentation. It is recommended to choose soft and breathable materials, such as cotton or silk.At the same time, pay attention to avoid too tight or friction of the material to prevent the skin from stimulating the skin.

Prefer to consider comfort and safety

When wearing a sexy underwear, in order to highlight the plump breasts, you can choose a tight or low -cut style.However, for women after breast augmentation, priority should be given to comfort and safety, avoid compression or squeezing prosthesis, and also avoid unstable steel rings or uncomfortable shoulder straps.

Choose a suitable style

Different shapes and sizes need to choose different styles.For example, for the breasts with natural but increased volume after breast augmentation, you can choose a triangular cup or dancer style, which can improve the shape of the chest without squeezing too much silicone.

Consider using filling

After the prosthesis breast augmentation surgery, the filling will affect the soft and hard level of the chest.Some sexy underwear design can form pressure around the filling, making the chest more three -dimensional.However, it should be noted that excessive pressure can cause prosthesis to cause compression, which may affect the state of the prosthesis or cause pain.

Body display and body shaping effect

Different styles of sexy underwear will have different body shaping effects on the body around the chest, and also hides or highlight the curves of other parts.You need to choose different combinations according to your own situation to present the best body lines.

Supporting the size of the chest strap

When wearing a sexy underwear, the size of the chest strap also needs to pay attention.For women after the prosthesis breast augmentation, special chests may need to ensure that the prosthesis is not squeezed or affecting the form.Some sexy lingerie brands provide products such as so -called "breast augmentation bands", which can be given priority.

Consider the occasion and wear

Different occasions need to choose different ways of dressing.Appropriate sexy underwear can enhance self -confidence and charm, but to avoid excessive exposure or inappropriate mix.When matching, pay attention to the overall texture, color matching and the coordination of the occasion.


Choosing the right sexy underwear can better reflect the effect of the prosthesis breast augmentation, thereby enhancing women’s confidence and charm.However, pay attention to problems such as comfort, security, and style selection to avoid damage or impact on prosthesis.

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