Wear sex underwear for love steps

Wear sex underwear for love steps

Interesting underwear is an underwear that emphasizes the body curve and sexy characteristics through various designs and fabrics. It is one of the most popular products in adult products.When people want to plant sexual interests and increase sexual experience, this exquisite clothing is often one of the first choice.Now, let’s discuss the steps of wearing sexy underwear for love.

Choose the right sexy underwear

First of all, you must choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for your own, because the inappropriate underwear will make you feel uncomfortable and you can’t wear a beautiful figure.Under normal circumstances, sexy sexy underwear will have the following characteristics: sexy, colorful color, tailoring, etc.

First create an emotional atmosphere

Under the premise of performing this sexual experience, in order to achieve better results and experience, it is necessary to integrate into the atmosphere first.From warm romantic dinner, soothing music, and moderate candlelight to intimate language communication, you can strengthen the creation of the atmosphere. Remember not to bring unnecessary distraction to you and your spouse.

Put on sexy underwear in a timely manner

When the atmosphere is slowly heating up and the attitude is more relaxed, you can put on sexy underwear in time.Putting on sex underwear can create stronger temptations, so that the other half produces great comfort, appreciation and sexual impulse, but don’t hurry to put on it when the atmosphere has not completely warmed up.

Take off the sexy lingerie with skillfully

When the two parties in sex underwear conduct intimate contact, the sexy underwear on the body may also hinder your further intimate behavior.At this time, we need to take off the erotic underwear with skills. Some of the buttons behind the shoulders or the sexy underwear of the upper and lower slings need to help the other half.

Let sex underwear contact the body of both parties

When conducting intimate contact, let the sexy underwear contact the body of both sides and feel each other, so as to enjoy the pleasure brought by sexy underwear.The material of sexy underwear is usually soft. Selecting fabrics to be close to the skin, comfort is naturally better.

Touch the texture of sexy underwear

The details of sexy underwear are very particular. These details are often the key to increasing the attractiveness and sexuality of sexy underwear.During the intimacy, carefully observing and touching the texture and details of the sexy lingerie can make you feel the delicate and sexy of the sexy underwear.

Try different postures on sexy underwear

Sex underwear often designs different types and styles according to different scenes and needs, allowing them to produce different visual effects in different postures and positions.In this process, you can try different postures to make sexy underwear show more sexy qualities at different angles.

Pay attention to the friction of sexy underwear

Various textures and details of erotic underwear are usually sophisticated, so over -rubbing erotic underwear may be damaged.If you want to maintain the sexy characteristics of this sexy underwear, you can leave the friction of sexy underwear during intimacy and keep slow and comfortable movements.


In the sex experience, sexy underwear is a very important point.Wearing it can improve the sense of sexual experience and make the relationship between each other closer and dedicated.However, calm thinking is still an important prerequisite for ensuring the use of sexy underwear.Good erotic underwear must not only be stylish and beautiful, sexy, but also have exquisite details. When contacting intimate contact, you need to maintain gentleness, delicate, stable and reliable, so that you can enjoy the best experience in this process.

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