Wear sex underwear inside the coat

1 Introduction

In daily life, if you have a sexy fascinating sexy underwear, but it is not convenient to wear in public, then wearing coats and wearing sexy underwear inside will become one of the solutions.Wearing a sexy underwear in the coat may not feel boring and monotonous anymore, and it can also add a sexy and charm.

2. Sex underwear type

There are many types of sexy underwear: chemical fiber, cotton, lace, hook flowers, and so on.When choosing, you should choose the one that suits you according to your personal preferences and the needs of the body.No matter what type of sexy underwear is more sexy and charming in the coat.

3. The choice of the main coat

Generally speaking, choosing a short lapel coat can show the sexy and charming sexy underwear well.At the same time, because of short design, the fabric will be lighter and easier to show the advantages of the figure.

4. The combination of long coats and underwear

If you want to have a sexy and hidden feeling, you can choose a long coat when choosing a jacket, you can choose a woolen fabric or a solid color design.This allows you to experience the feeling of sexy underwear in a furry jacket.

5. Broken shirt and lace dress joint wear

The combination of bottoming shirt and lace dress is a very classic underwear.If you want a little atmospheric, you can choose a long lace dress, and then wear a black jacket outside, so that you can make you more elegant and generous temperament.

6. The temptation of the eyes

When choosing a black underwear, you can draw a thick eyeliner for your head, making your eyes look very big. If you look down at a smile, it will win the favor of boys.In addition, everyone’s skin tone is different. You can choose different colors of underwear, but black underwear is suitable for all skin tone.

7. Unique personalized choice

When choosing sexy underwear, if you want to show a more personalized atmosphere, you can choose a special sexy underwear.For example: the theme printing and funny mesh material, so that it can show a more fashionable and avant -garde atmosphere.

8. Underwear matching skills

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose a style suitable for the hood.Such as: the decoration on the bra, the bold back model, the design of the meticulous pattern and the design of lace decoration, and so on.This will not make the underwear and the outer coats conflict, but it will highlight the advantages of underwear.

9. Match with different occasions

Wearing sexy underwear varies from the occasion. If you want to participate in the formal activity, you can choose some simple underwear.And if you go to the party, you can choose the exaggerated style and the colorful underwear to match.

10. Conclusion

No matter what occasion of wearing sex underwear, if it is properly matched, the carefully selected sexy underwear can make you exuding more femininity and charm.Through reasonable matching, you can feel your more display and perfect expression of sexy underwear.

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