Wear sexy clothes on the bed

Introduction: Interesting underwear is a must -have for sex games

Sexual life is an inseparable part of human blood.Sexy underwear plays an increasingly important role in the sexual life of many couples.Because wearing a sexy underwear will make you feel more sexy and confident, it can also improve your sexual interest of you and your partner, enhance sexual sense, and improve the quality of sexual life.Therefore, wearing sexy underwear in bed has become one of the indispensable elements of sex games for modern people.

Paragraph 1: Understand the styles and types of different erotic underwear

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you need to know what types and styles are available.There are rich erotic underwear on the market to choose from, including suspenders, perspectives, half cups, three -point, belly, leather, multi -piece, lace, etc.You need to choose according to your own situation and preference.

Paragraph 2: The effect of sexy underwear style

The style of sexy underwear is an important aspect of affecting sexual life.Choosing a sexy underwear that is consistent with your own personality and temperament will make yourself more confident and enhance your partner’s sexual interest for yourself.At the same time, different sexy underwear will bring people different visual feelings and sexual stimuli, which will cause sexual desire and bring stronger sexual pleasure.

Paragraph 3: Selection of Size of Sex Underwear

The size of sexy underwear is very important.Wearing unsuitable sexy underwear can cause discomfort and uncoordinated beauty.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to ensure that the size is consistent with your body shape, and let the tiereds, clothing buckles, shoulder straps and other parts close to the body to avoid adverse effects.

Paragraph 4: The importance of sexy underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear is also critical.You need to choose a sexy underwear that is consistent with your external clothing to follow the basic color matching principles. For example, black can make you look taller and thinner, and white will look soft and warm.In addition, reasonable matching can also get better visual enjoyment and sexual experience.

Paragraph 5: The material choice of sexy underwear

The material of sexy underwear is also very important.You need to choose the material you feel comfortable, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc.Some people also choose more bold materials, such as: leather, etc., so as to obtain different sexual experiences.However, it should be noted that the material will also affect cleaning and maintenance.

Paragraph 6: The importance of sexy underwear hygiene

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear is very important.You need to clean the way of cleaning the sexy underwear according to the instructions on the cleaning label, and follow the application of the washing machine or hand washing.When storing, you need to store sexy underwear independently to avoid cross -pollution and insects.

Paragraph 7: Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

Different erotic underwear is needed in different occasions.If you need to participate in a love party or dating a partner, you can choose a more sexy sexy lingerie style, but if you need to go to work or attend a formal event, you need to choose a more hidden, decent sexy lingerie style and color.

Paragraph 8: Adaptation of sexy underwear and sexual habits

Different sex habits need different sexy underwear.For example, if you want to try oral sex and other activities with your partner, you can choose oral sex underwear to make activities conveniently and comfortably.Therefore, you need to choose the right sexy underwear based on your needs.

Paragraph 9: The price and quality of sexy underwear

Sex underwear usually has different prices and quality.Some cheap and rough sexy underwear may make you feel disappointed, unsafe and other bad emotions.However, sexy underwear with relatively high price usually has better quality and higher standard comfortable experience.Therefore, you need to weigh the price and quality and choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Paragraph 10: Conclusion: Sexy underwear can improve sexual life experience

Wearing sexy underwear can add color and fun to sexual life, and satisfy individuals and couples who need different needs. You can try a variety of different styles, brands, materials and styles to obtain better emotion and sexual experience.

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