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Wedding erotic underwear is a private clothing choice of bride before or after the wedding. Wedding sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It pays more attention to sexy and irritating, and can feel the atmosphere of sex.Wedding sexy underwear is divided into two parts: wedding dresses and sexy underwear.The wedding dress is usually white or light pink, sometimes including lace, small lace and transparent material, while the sexy underwear uses sexy materials and design, such as lace, net eye, fish net and vulnerabilities.

Wedding erotic lingerie style

There are many styles of wedding lingerie, which is important to choose the right style according to personal needs and preferences.Some of these styles are:

Bonding: These underwear are usually decorated with leather and metal, creating a sense of restraint by tie rope or handcuffs.

Beltas: These underwear are very sexy and suitable for most body shapes, covering the belly, breasts, and waist, leaving large skin.

Robes: The robe gives people a majestic feeling, and it is suitable for those who want to cover up fat.

Lace: These underwear are one of the most popular underwear styles, at least in white wedding dresses.

Belids and T -shaped underwear: Their dual design allows people to feel sexy in different aspects.

Sexy tights: This is a more traditional underwear uniform. It is usually made of leather and synthetic fibers. It requires certain skills and abilities when used.

How to choose wedding sexy underwear

It is important to choose a wedding dress that suits you, because this will affect your confidence and sexy in the wedding.Here are some skills about choosing wedding sexy underwear:

First, consider your theme during your wedding and determine the style you need.

Second, consider your body shape, such as whether you need to buy a bellyband to cover the obesity parts of the lower body.

Third, consider a smaller budget, because wedding sexy underwear is usually disposable.

Finally, the most important thing when choosing a wedding sex underwear is to choose a style you think you are beautiful.This will make you confident and comfortable during the entire wedding process.

International wedding sex lingerie brand

Here are some of the world’s most famous wedding sexy underwear brands:

La Perla

Agent Provocateur

Victoria’s Secret


Fleur of English

Frederick’s of Hollywood

Maintenance of wedding sexy underwear

Wedding sexy underwear is a high -grade underwear that requires special maintenance.The following is the method you can take:

Do not use chlorine -containing bleach to avoid damaging the color of the underwear.

To dry the underwear gently, you can dry it indoors, but do not directly expose it.

Do not iron the underwear on the iron. The iron may damage the underwear material.

When you do not use underwear, save it in a place where you are covered and easy to access.

Finally, it is recommended to wash a wedding sexy underwear.

The price of wedding sexy underwear

Wedding sexy underwear is a high -priced product, usually between $ 100 and $ 400.Wedding sexy underwear such as Nubra and La Perla and other brands will be higher, reaching more than 500 US dollars.Although the price is high, the price is worth the price for those who want to perform well and the most confident at the wedding.

Wedding erotic underwear

When choosing a wedding sexy underwear, you may need to match other clothing or accessories to achieve more perfect results. The following are some proposals:

With the small lace robe or robe to increase the sexy style.

With high heels, make yourself taller and confident.

Check the transparent or exotic socks to match our beauty.

Inspiration of wedding sexy underwear

No matter what kind of wedding and sexy underwear you want, you can get inspiration and inspiration by browsing social media, including Pinterest, Instagram, and other professional or female professional websites.Keep in mind that the final choice should be suitable for you, and it is suitable for wedding themes and personal styles.

in conclusion

Wedding erotic underwear is an important shopping of the bride before or after marriage. They not only make the bride enhance their confidence and sexy feelings, but also increase the fun and passion during the entire wedding.It is very important to choose a wedding dress that is suitable for you.No matter what kind of wedding lingerie you choose, remember to take the correct maintenance method.Finally, don’t forget to wear them confidently and comfortably throughout the wedding process.

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