Wedding sex lingerie map to solve women wearing


Wedding is the most important day in each girl’s life, and choosing the correct wedding sexy underwear is an important part of the entire wedding style.

Style classification

Wedding sexy underwear can usually be divided into the following types:

Chest pad wedding underwear

Light -faced shoulder strap underwear

Gathering wedding underwear

Seamless vest wedding underwear

Back -back wedding underwear

Color selection

When choosing the color of wedding sexy underwear, it is usually recommended to choose meat or white.If a girl is wearing the same sexy underwear as the wedding dress, it is easy to reveal the difference in color difference, affecting the perfect effect of the wedding.

Size purchase

Size buying is the key to the purchase of wedding sexy underwear.Generally speaking, the size of the wedding sexy underwear is one larger than the underwear worn on weekdays, because wearing too tight underwear can easily produce fat and affect the visual effect.

Fabric selection

For the choice of fabrics of wedding lingerie, it is generally recommended to choose soft, breathable, comfortable and personal fabrics, such as cotton, lace, silk, etc.At the same time, try to avoid irritating and rough fabrics to avoid skin discomfort.

Chest selection

Different people’s chest shapes are different. Therefore, when choosing a wedding sex underwear, choose the right style according to your chest shape.For example, girls with small breasts can choose pad underwear to increase fullness, while girls with large breasts can choose to gather underwear to effectively avoid spillover.

Choice of accessories

The aesthetics of wedding and sexy underwear come from styles and fabrics, but also from careful accessories.When choosing accessories, you should pay attention to the matching with the wedding dress and the overall shape to avoid being too fancy and exaggerated.

Practical exercise

After selecting the right wedding sexy underwear, actual combat exercises are also required to ensure that wearing comfort will not be gone or marks.Simulation trials can be performed in the experience store or home in advance to ensure the perfect effect on the wedding day.


Wedding sexy underwear is also important.When cleaning, avoid using too irritating cleaning agents or too strong rubbing to avoid damage to underwear.At the same time, the maintenance of underwear should not be washed for too long to keep the underwear comfort and clean.


When buying wedding sexy underwear, you must choose according to your body shape, chest shape and wedding style. Only the appropriate wedding sexy underwear can make girls show their charm perfectly at the wedding.

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