Well -known foreign sexy underwear brands


Interesting underwear, as an increasingly hot industry, has become more and more widespread attention from domestic consumers.The number of foreign -faced underwear brands abroad is larger, the quality is better, and the style has its own advantages.Here we will introduce some well -known foreign sexy underwear brands.

Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret)

One of the world’s most famous sexy underwear brands is known for its elegance, fashion, and sexy.Its charm is that they both take into account sex and comfort, and the materials used are also world -class.Victoria’s secrets also have their own fashion shows, making people know this brand more.

Agent Provocateur

This is a sexy underwear brand from Britain, with a higher price.The women’s clothing of Agent Provocateur has been meticulously sewn, various lace, hook flowers, linen cloth and strong colored positive yarn, etc., so that each piece of clothes are full of changeable imagination and unique style.At the same time, brand designers also pay attention to after -sales service.

La Perla

This is a sexy underwear brand from Italy and is known as "Rolls -Royce of Sexy underwear".Each product of La Perla reflects the brand’s quality and delicate, surpassing sexy underwear in the general market.Pay attention to details and the choice of materials is the key to brand success.


This is a young and creative erotic lingerie brand. It is headquartered in the UK and has a unique design and full of shock and visual impact.The brand style is avant -garde, diverse in style, and meets the needs of all types of women.At the same time, Bluebella also focuses on marketing, creating its own e -commerce platform, allowing the public to easily buy ideal erotic underwear.


The sexy underwear brand from Italy is famous for its high -quality materials, exquisite handmade, and the style created by professional designers.The brand style is biased towards nature, gentleness and comfort, and aims to emphasize the beauty and confidence of women.


This is a sexy underwear brand from France, focusing on the European high -end market.AUBADE is famous for its unique style, with both a modern style and a traditional French style.The brand focuses on the choice of materials and the design of the style, creating a unique style of sexy underwear.

Marlies dekkers

This is a sexy underwear brand from the Netherlands. The products designed are clear and fashionable, and they are bold and innovative.Marlies Dekkers explores the depths of women’s hearts, so that women are more confident and charm when wearing sexy underwear.


This is a sexy underwear brand from France. The brand’s soul is Ms. Chantal Thomass herself. She is a master of French erotic underwear design and is responsible for the brand design and promotion.The brand style is bright, dramatic, and is in line with the sense of fashion of French women.

Agent Provocateur

This is a sexy underwear brand from the United States.The brand is good at using innovative technology and special materials to create sexy underwear with excellent support and breathability.


The above -mentioned foreign sexy underwear brands have different design styles and unique qualities. Each brand has its own market and consumer group.Whether you are pursuing comfort or sexy women, you can always find a brand and product that suits you.Whether you are a worker in the love underwear industry or consumers who are just interested in sexy underwear, understanding foreign brands will be a useful knowledge and experience.

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