What does it feel to wear for kimono and sexy underwear

Features of kimono sex underwear

As a unique sexy underwear, kimono sex lingerie has its own characteristics.First of all, the style of the kimono sex lingerie is different from the traditional sexy underwear. Designers usually integrate the elements of kimono into underwear, such as loose bands and patterns.Secondly, peace and fun underwear pays more attention to details and texture. The use of high -quality fabrics and superb production technology can not only show women’s charm, but also give people a comfortable feeling.

Piece of food underwear to wear

Commoning and sexy underwear is usually worn in a button or zipper. You need to tie the straps on the chest and waist first, then put on the middle bag, and finally cover the coat.In the process of wearing, the cloth is straightened to avoid wrinkles and affect the overall effect.

The comfort of kimono sex underwear

Compared with traditional sexy underwear, kimono and sexy underwear pay more attention to the comfort of wearing.It uses soft and personal fabrics to make the wearer feel very comfortable, and it does not cause a sense of restraint.Due to its huge clothing fabric and layered sense, wearers need to pay attention when they exercise, so as not to fall or be tripped by the gauze skirt.

Applicable occasions of kimono sex underwear

As a unique sexy underwear, kimono and sexy underwear is usually suitable for playing in the bedroom.Its unique design is very suitable for simulation of ancient Japanese scenes, such as women’s scenes to serve men, or games between men and women.

The color of kimono sex lingerie

Kimonos and sexy underwear usually use red, black, white and other colors. Its unique pattern design and hue can make the wearer more attractive.Of course, you can also choose different colors and styles according to your preference.

Compassing the combination of kimonos and sexy underwear

Complete and sexy underwear cannot be arbitrarily matched with other clothing because of her uniqueness.It can be equipped with close -up stockings, high heels, geisha hairstyles, etc., which will make the overall effect more perfect.At the same time, you need to pay attention to finding accessories, jewelry and other accessories with the kimono sexy underwear to achieve better overall results.

Betting of the sizes of kimono sexy underwear

The size of the kimono color underwear is slightly different from ordinary underwear.When choosing, you need to choose according to your actual size and body shape.Under normal circumstances, you can view a detailed size table to ensure that the size you choose is correct and appropriate.

The price of kimono sex lingerie

The price of kimono sex underwear is affected by factors such as brands, materials, and styles, and the price is different.But under normal circumstances, the price of kimono and sexy underwear will be slightly higher than other sexy underwear.When wearing a kimono and sexy underwear, the unique feelings experience are unable to replace other sexy underwear.Therefore, when purchasing, it should be considered from quality and use effects, and there is no need to blindly pursue the cheap price.

Confinement of kimono sex underwear

As a delicate sexy underwear, kimono and sexy underwear requires special care.You should usually use hand washing and cold water to avoid direct sunlight to avoid affecting the texture and color of the fabric.In addition, when cleaning, pay attention not to rub the kimono skirt repeatedly to avoid wear and affect the effect.

Conclusion: Fumic and sexy underwear is a unique sexy underwear. It uses kimono elements and superb fabrics and manufacturing techniques, which can show women’s charm and enjoy sex.It should be noted that you need to be careful in dressed, maintenance, and matching.After careful selection, the peace and sexy underwear adds different fun to your sex life.

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