What is sexy lingerie term? English

Understand the English terms of love underwear

Sex underwear has become an important fashion component of modern women.This underwear is unique, and each type has different names and terms.For those who are interested in buying sexy underwear, understanding of English terms is very important for their purchase decisions.


The bra is a sexy underwear for supporting women’s chest.In English, it is usually called "Bra".According to different designs and styles, bras include "bras", "shoulder -free bras", "triangular cutting", "wireless sports bras" and so on.

Underwear panty

Underwear is a sexy underwear for protecting women’s private parts, which is also called "Panties".In English, there are many different categories, including bikini underwear, thongs, high waist underwear, low waist underwear, etc.These different styles have their unique design and functions.

Breast stick nipple cover

The chest sticker is also called "Nipple Cover", which is usually made of leather or silicone to cover the female nipple area.These underwear styles are usually used in thin coats or skirts to keep the chest lines neat.

Sexy underwear Sexy Lingerie

Sexy underwear may be the most eye -catching type in sexy underwear.In English, sexy underwear is usually called "Sexy Lingerie".This type of sexy lingerie is very diverse, including black lace, red silk, transparent tulle and so on.


Lianyou is a sexy underwear with an integrated design of the upper body and the lower body.In English, the clothes are called "bodysuit".This type of erotic underwear is suitable for women of various figures, and is often worn independently as underwear or coats.


The suspender shirt is a common sexy lingerie style. Due to its soft material and slim -fitting tailoring, the camisole is very suitable for wearing pajamas or summer casual clothes.In English, the camisole is called "Camisole".

Tights Corset

Tights are an ancient erotic underwear design with functions of restraint and mold shape.In English, tights are usually called "Corset".This type of sexy underwear requires the correct size and method of wearables to avoid discomfort and injury.

Stockings Stockings

Stockings are another popular choice for sexy underwear.In English, stockings are called "stockings".Stockings are usually used to improve women’s sexy and attractiveness, and give a specific sense of fashion.At first, stockings would be very tight, and gradually adapt to skin temperature, providing a cool and comfortable feeling for the body.

Color Color Color Colors

Selection of sexy underwear color can help women highlight their personal style and fashion taste.In English, there are many different adjectives in color.For example, black can be described as adjectives such as "Black", "Charcoal" and "DARK".

Fairy underwear fabric Fabrics

The fabric of sexy underwear can have a significant impact on its quality, comfort and service life.In English, there are universal names made of cotton, silk, lace and other different materials. For example, underwear made of silk body is called Satin Lingerie.


Understanding the English term of love underwear can help women better choose their clothing and fashion needs, and can better understand the advertising and marketing strategies in the market.At the same time, it is recommended that women open their mentality and continue to try different design and styles of sexy underwear to obtain the most suitable taste and wear experience.

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