What kind of underwear belongs to sex underwear

Definition of sexy underwear

Before discussing what kind of underwear belongs to sexy underwear, we first need to understand the definition of erotic underwear.Interest underwear is a underwear with the characteristics of teasing, exciting, and sexy.It is usually made of transparent, lace, mesh and other materials. The design also adds bold elements, such as opening files, lace hollow, thongs, etc., which aims to evoke the sexual impulse of the opposite sex and enhance the sexual relationship.

The fabric must have sexy attributes

The fabric of sexy underwear is very important and must have a certain sexy attribute.Under normal circumstances, the materials selected by the sexy underwear are soft and comfortable, the fabric texture is smooth, and the fabric with a certain amount of water absorption and perspiration performance.For example, lace, transparent yarn, silk and other fabrics can effectively create sexy temperament.

Design is unique in design

The design of sexy underwear is also very particular.Under the premise of ensuring sexuality, the design integrates more fashion elements and is artistic and decorative.For example, the use of rhinestones, lace, beads, paint, etc., to create more personal, unique, aesthetic underwear.

The color is attractive

As a sexy underwear, the color choice is very important.It must be attractive, fashionable and sexy.For example, red, black, purple, gold, silver, etc. are very conspicuous and colorful colors, which can make women more sexy and impressed by people.

The style should be bold enough

The style of sexy underwear is bold enough, seek new and change, and constantly update.Generally, bare chest, translucent, split design, hollowing out, etc., so as to show women’s beauty and sexy as much as possible.

With a variety of special toys

Some sexy underwear also has various special toys, such as handcuffs, mouthball, leather whip, restraint tools, etc., which aims to stimulate sexual desire and enhance the closeness of gender relations.These toys should be cautious when buying, and choose high -quality materials and safe design to avoid danger.

The transparency must be limited

Transparency is one of the important design elements of sexy underwear, but the transparency must be limited.Excessive transparency will reduce the texture of adult erotic underwear, and may even have light transmission.Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the transparency of the whole body. Local transparency is the best choice.

Quality needs to be guaranteed

The quality of erotic underwear needs to be guaranteed because it will wear it directly.Therefore, in addition to purchasing sexy underwear, in addition to focusing on the design and sexuality, you also need to understand the information of underwear fabrics, suture lines, reflective treatment, size adaptation, etc., so as to ensure the quality and safety of sexy underwear.

Buying requires consideration physical characteristics

When buying sexy underwear, consider your physical characteristics.Different figures such as chest and hips will be different from the size of the underwear.Therefore, when buying underwear, pay attention to measuring your size and buy the appropriate model.

It is necessary to follow the principle of not exposing the bottom

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to follow the principle of not exposed.That is, don’t wear sexy underwear alone when going out with others. This is very indecent and causes strangeness and discomfort from others.Therefore, the sexy underwear should be matched with other outer clothes, covering the private parts, and maintaining a neat and healthy image.

in conclusion

In summary, sexy underwear needs to have soft and comfortable fabrics, unique design, attractive colors, bold and creative styles, and it is satisfactory, safe and comfortable, and guarantee quality.When buying and wearing underwear, you also need to pay attention to your physical characteristics and matching needs.Only in this way can fun underwear truly show its charm and achieve the effect of improving gender relations and meeting psychological and physiological needs.

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